Prevu3D raises $10 million in a funding round led by Cycle Capital

Prevu3D happened to have been successful in securing a loan amount of $10 million through a Series A round. This was duly led by Cycle Capital. It also brought in some of the previous investors of the entity, such as Brightspark Ventures and Desjardins Capital. 

Incidentally, where Cycle Capital as the lead investor, is concerned, it is a tech-oriented venture company that is actively engaged in making worthwhile investments in growth-phase startups.

As such, Prevu3D, a developer of 3D digital twin technology, provides enterprises with access to the industrial metaverse. According to the company’s stated goals, the investment would be used to expedite the advancement of the business’s 3D digital twin technology in terms of industrial settings.

The technology at the disposal of Prevu3D allows organizations to build digital replicas of their work environments. This, in turn, makes it possible for them to work on and make improvements where remote collaborations are concerned. Companies will be able to reduce their carbon footprints and reduce human errors that have an unintended negative impact on the environment with the help of this technology.

According to the Founder and Managing Partner of Cycle Capital, Andree-Lise Methot, the entity Prevu3D is creating a distinctive digital solution that will assist producers and manufacturers to have greater control and make more effective calculations on their industrial plant projects, making them more efficient and economical. In his view, his company has made a firm commitment to backing projects eager to play their part in climate change mitigation and heading for a net-zero economy.

Where the founder and CEO of Prevu3D are concerned, the overall scenario regarding the market seems most encouraging. They aim to work in tandem with other industry leaders and collectively work towards creating a much healthier environment through further superior applications. 


At the present moment, the entity is delving deep into the openings made by the recent pandemic. Most companies adopted the work-from-home culture. However, this was not the case with the industrial-based companies, and the industrial metaverse happens to be undergoing many changes. This is an area they will be closely looking into.

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