Price Analysis: Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Litecoin (LTC), Tron (TRX), Stellar (XLM), Cardano (ADA), EOS, Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

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Except for a couple of plunges near $9900, Bitcoin has been trading firmly above $10,000 since more than a week now. Moreover, BTC price has jumped above $10,400 today morning from its previous price of $10,138.52. The coin was trading above $13,000 in the month of June, and the way BTC is hovering around $10,000 for a long time now, Bitcoin believers are expecting a similar price rally.

Notably, it has been observed that for many days, the crypto market is not holding a sustained uptrend. Meanwhile, the coin is closely hovering around its major psychological support level of $10,000, which indicates how the market is in ‘make or break’ scenario.


Bitcoin Price Chart

In the last 5 days, Bitcoin initially saw a major price plunge below $10,000 tracing a dip near $9806.12, before which it has formed a couple of hammer patterns, indicating a rebound. Seeing support at the dip, Bitcoin steadily surged to $10,430.65 and again corrected down below $10,000. At $9942.56, the coin seems to have a support level.

After tracing a mild bullish trendline, BTC has sharply surged to $10,654.98 today morning. Here, it has struck an increase of 7.38%. At present, the leading coin has corrected down to $10,342.90 at 05:00:09 UTC.

The short-term SMA line (9-days) is above its long-term SMA line (100-days) which shows its current bullish nature. RSI for the coin is above 50 indicating no extremities. While MACD for the coin also gives positive signs as it is in the bullish zone with its MACD line above the signal line. To get more information about the upcoming Bitcoin price projection, visit our forecast page.


Ethereum Price Chart

Since the start of this month, Ethereum has noted a remarkable price shift with a bearish inclination. The leading altcoin has broken well below $200, its key support level. Though, August first week was bullish enough for ETH to climb above $233.77 from $213.56. The coin pulled back to $203.39 and then slightly rebounded to $216.06 tracing a lower high.

ETH extended its price fall even below $200 and saw bottom at $180.72. After a weak price rebound, the coin reached to $202.32 and formed another lower high. At UTC, Ethereum is trading at $190.69.

RSI for ETH/USD is at just above 50 indicating its current stable nature, meanwhile, MACD is about to see a bullish crossover in the bearish zone.


Ripple Price Chart

Ripple, in the last 6 months, has covered a significantly vast range of price as it went as high as $.0.47 and currently is trading even below $0.30. Six months ago, XRP was trading somewhere around $0.31 and stayed in the price range till mid-May, except for a price rise at $0.35. 

The coin has seen strong support at $0.28, and after that, XRP has not turned back. The coin has conquered major highs while breaking resistance levels near $0.40, 0.42 and even $0.45. After this significant price surge, XRP had faced a heavy fall, causing a pullback to $0.31, where it has returned to square-one after 6-months. Here, it has traced an extremely bearish trend-line.

Over the last one month, Ripple has even broken below $0.30 and saw bottom at $0.2665. Currently, the coin is moving up from there and is at $0.2717 at 05:48:14 UTC.

Short term SMA line for the coin is below the long term SMA line, which points out to its current bearish nature. RSI for the coin is near 40, indicating stability. MACD of XRP is in a bearish zone with its MACD line above the signal line.


Tron Price Chart

Tron is trading with quite a bearish impact on its price as compared to how it was doing till June and mid-July. When the year started, Tron price was at $0.019 and it remained in the same price range till April. In the first week of April, TRX saw a surge above $0.030 and then pulled back below $0.025. On 24th June, the coin saw a remarkable price rise to $0.038, and as compared to the year start, it was a surge of 101.06%. However, since then, TRX has been tumbling and it has traced a strong bearish trendline. 10 days ago, the coin has even traced a dip near $0.01752, and it is currently correcting up from there, though, a bit weakly. At 06:02:01 UTC, TRX is trading at $0.01775.

RSI of TRX is near 40, showing no extremity and MACD for the coin is in a bearish zone with its MACD line above the signal line.


EOS Price Chart

Today morning price moves of EOS has been notably bullish as the coin has seen an escalation above $3.66 and at present, it is correcting down from there. The 5-day chart of the coin shows two major price drop near $3.43 and at $3.49.  Seeing initial support at $3.43, EOS traced a strong price surge as high as $3.76 and then corrected down to $3.62. The coin again saw a rise at $3.70 and gradually pulled back to $3.60. 

EOS maintained its price range above $3.60 till 14:20 UTC, yesterday. Then the coin saw a price plunge to $3.49 and rebounded slightly before closing at $3.56. Today’s sharp surge has pushed the EOS price above $3.68. Though after a downward correction, the coin is at $3.62 at 06:53:09 UTC.

RSI for EOS is near 50, showing a stable momentum, while, MACD appears bullish.


Litecoin Price Chart

The Litecoin price chart from 1st August appears bearish and it shows how its price range has stepped down below $80. LTC has kicked off this month with its price as high as $97.30 and it even saw a rise to $99.18 on the same day. Within a week, LTC even surged above $100 and then corrected down below $97. Since then, the coin has been dropping and it has formed two lower highs near $90.77 and $76.94.

LTC, in the last few days, seems to be heading towards its key support near $70. It also had a close near $70.34 recently. After a bit of upward corrections, LTC is trading at $74.04, at 07:22:12 UTC. Doge’s short term SMA line is about to climb above its long term SMA line which points out to the upcoming price rise.

RSI for DOGE/USD indicates no extremities and MACD is also heading towards bullish zone with its MACD line above the signal line.


Dogecoin Price Chart

Dogecoin saw a price plunge from $0.0027 on 21st August which lasted till 12:00 UTC that day, and then it took a rebound from $0.0024 to $0.0027 with an increase of 10.92%. The coin later faced a strong pullback to $0.0024 before again rising above $0.0027 yesterday. Dogecoin corrected down from there and closed at $.0.002662. Today, the coin has opened at $0.0026 and with an increase, it is trading at $0.00268 at 07:27:24 UTC.

RSI for the coin is near 50 indicating a stable phase, resinating with that, MACD is also giving positive signs with its MACD line above the signal line.


Stellar Price Chart

Contrary to the rest of the crypto market, Stellar, in the last 5 days has been increasing, however, mildly. The coin has traced an impulse pattern over a week. On 21st August, XLM was at $0.068 and it dropped a bit to $0.065. Seeing support there, it surged to $0.069 and remained around it till it slipped near $0.067. Yesterday, the coin has seen a major price surge to $0.0719 and then it couldn’t fight the resistance beyond it. XLM corrected down to $0.068 with a price decline of 4.93%. Today morning was also bullish for the coin as it increased to $0.070. After a downward correction, the coin is trading at $0.0698 at 06:19:47 UTC.

RSI of XLM/USD is near 50 showing no extremity, while, MACD is about to step into the bullish zone.


Cardano Price Chart

In the last 6 months, Cardano has seen enough ups and downs as the coin manifests a couple of notable up-swings and down-swings. With an initial bullish price momentum, ADA increased from $0.04 to $0.091 and then it pulled back to $0.060 with a decline of 33.52%. The ADA coin then started to recover its price and reached above $0.097 with an increase of 61.47%. The coin nosedived from there and traced a lower low at $0.052. Since then, Cardano has kept trading with a bearish impact and has recently traced another lower low.


At 06:42:04 UTC, ADA was trading at $0.049. RSI for the coin is above 40 showing a stable phase and MACD for the coin is in a bearish zone with its MACD line above the signal line.


Bitcoin Cash Price Chart

Bitcoin Cash’s price trend resonates to quite an extent with Ethereum Price trend as the chart shows how the coin has seen a downward price shift in the last 3 months. BCH was firmly trading above $400 till 8th July, and it also had a close above $481 in the latter part of June. BCH, instead of clearing resistance above $480, took a price fall as low as $285.74 with a price decline of 40.71%. The coin has traced a mild price rebound after that but is yet to trade above $350.

At 07:15:49 UTC, BCH was trading at $.312.02. Its RSI points out to a stable momentum, while MACD appears bearish, but is hearing for a bullish crossover.

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