Basic Attention Token (BAT) Price Analysis: Are The Price Gains Over For Basic Attention Token?

Basic Attention Token is touching new horizons through its blockchain network, Brave. BAT is now partners with National Public Radio (NPR) which means that Brave will be handling the digital advertisements of NPR.

The latest news circulating Basic Attention Token reports that BAT has joined hands with TAP networks and hence got the access to Apple Inc. and Starbucks Corporation.

The founder of Brave, Brendan Eich, spoke to a leading tabloid and shared that Basic Attention Token will touch new high in the year 2019. As per his belief, the current market status of BAT coins has stabilized.

Let’s have a look at the BAT coins’ statistics.

BAT Current Statistics:

Basic Attention Token

Summary of the Statistics:

  • The ROI of Basic Attention Token in 116.91%.
  • The coin has the circulating supply of 1,263,360,090 BAT and the total supply of 1,500,000,000 BAT.
  • As on May 22, 2019, 06:53:09 UTC, the market cap has been noted as 460,624, 455 USD.
  • The BAT coin price is 0.364914 USD.
  • In the past 24hr, BAT was at a high of 0.375045USD and was at a low of 0.357309 USD.
  • The volume of the coin in 24hr was 67,188,483USD.
  • Talking about the last 30 days, the BAT coins touched the high at 0.451260USD and low at 0.275710 USD.


BAT coins are showing a tremendous amount of movement. As on 22nd May 2019, 07:35:25 UTC, the price is at 0.364962 USD, whereas on 21st April, the coin touched a high of 0.441669 USD. According to the last one month trend, the Basic Attention Token is showing a downward movement of -17.40%.

Basic Attention Token Price Prediction:

The BAT coins opened at 0.12 USD in January 2019. Whereas on 22 May 2019, the coin is dealing at a price of 0.36 USD, which thrice the time than January. The highest price of Basic Attention Token was marked in January 2018, at 0.98 USD, which can seem achievable as per the market trend.

It seems that BAT coins will touch 1USD in 2019. According to price prediction, they have also predicted that in the next two years, BAT coins can touch 50 USD.


Basic Attention Token coins are raging in the market. The analysis shows a promising result for long-term investment. Based on our BAT price prediction 2030, in the near future, the output of long-term outlay on BAT coins can certainly result in a huge dividend.

Roxanne Williams

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