Binance Coin (BNB) Price Analysis: Binance Coin Will Soon Be Accepted On eBay? Is It Really Happening!

  • Binance Coin is inking biggest partnership soon, bullish trends ahead
  • Binance becomes compliant to make fair cryptocurrency trade a reality

Binance Coin is on a winning spree. First, it reached its all-time high value, and now it is speculated to be partnering with one of the largest retailers. The news has brought immense delight and joy to the currency holders, and demand is going to shoot up in the next few days increasing the price of the coin further. Binance has also recently partnered with compliance firms like CipherTrace & Elliptic to keep the trading practices in check & ensure fair trade on the platform. Data also depicts a firm market position.

Current Statistics:

Binance Coin Price Chart

  • Binance Coin is at the 7th position in the top 100 cryptocurrencies list globally
  • The ROI of the coin stands at >9000%
  • As on May 13, 2019, at 12:24:03 UTC, the price of the coin is recorded at 22.85 USD & 0.00323926 BTC
  • The market cap is now 3,225,807,982 USD
  • The 24h volume of BNB is 322,991,419 USD
  • The circulating supply has been 141,175,490 BNB


Although there has been a downward phase of over -9% in the value of the coin since the past one month, BNB also achieved its all-time high during the same time period. As on April 20, 2019, at 13:34:02 UTC, the price of BNB was trading at 25.25 USD & 0.00473716 BTC, and the 24 h volume was $446,373,918 BTC. The market cap of the coin was 3,564,737,461 USD. In the past 7 days, the coin has moved between 22.88 USD & 18.47 USD. The price did not dip any further than 18.47 USD in the last 30 days also. It is expected to reach the first resistance level at $21.41 in the next few days.

Binance Coin Price Prediction until 2020:

2019 has been an amazing year for Binance Coin team. BNB achieved its all-time of 25.54 USD on April 20, 2019, and has almost maintained a continuous upward trend since the beginning of the year. According to BNB Price Prediction, the price of the coin can rise up to 50 USD in the next few days and can reach 100 USD by the end of 2019. The price of each Binance Coin will touch 500 USD by the end of 2020. 


Binance Coin (BNB) is here for the long game and investing in it now is the wise choice to make. Huge dividends can be expected in the next one year itself.

Trevor Holman

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