Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Analysis: Will BCH Rise With Another Coming Hard Fork?

BCH Hard Fork took place a few months back, and with that, it won the Hash Run. BCH ABC and BCH are now merged together as a single entity. The next fork is going to take place soon in this month, and every investor has their eyes on its consequences. Also, BCH ABC is going to introduce Schnorr signatures which will enhance the scaling properties with subsequent reduction of storage space and bandwidth by more than 25%. With the latest update of Bitcoin ABC, 0.18.0, there have been reports of reliable and instant payment experiences by the investors. Now, majority crypto investors think that with the upcoming hard fork, BCH will rise significantly.

Now, on the basis of the current status of BCH, it is running on a bullish trend. Apart from this, the following information is available:

  • Present market cap: 5,355,894,084 USD
  • Present trading value: 301.30 USD
  • Market rank: 4
  • Circulating supply: 17,775,663 BCH

Current Statistics:

Bitcoin cash

The above chart clearly shows that at present, BCH is getting traded at 298.32 USD/0.04376500 BTC (UTC time 06:41). Its present 24h volume has a volume worth of 1,794,992,649 USD.  The same chart also showed that approx. 1 month earlier, BCH had a trading value of 278.20 USD with a market cap of 4,931,508,058 USD. So, within this duration, the value of BCH has been increased by 7.23% with a support level of 289.77 USD.

BCH Predictions:

Currently, volatility in the crypto market is really very high so, fluctuations in prices are inevitable. Although the upcoming hard fork of BCH holds a lot of expectations, as per future of Bitcoin Cash, its value will face some turmoil until the end of this year as, after that, volatility will be reduced. Accordingly, we believe that BCH can have a value of $1900 by the end of 2019. Overall, BCH is worth investing for long-term basis.

David Cox

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