Electroneum (ETN) Price Analysis: ETN Gets Out of the Top 100 League; Is it the Lowest Point?

  • ETN is placed beyond the Top 100 cryptocurrencies of the market.
  • The target price of Electroneum rests at $0.008. The short-term outlook is bullish.

Electroneum has recently been taken out of the top 100 cryptocurrency ranking. The growth pattern of ETN has confused many investors and market experts. ETN coin has no resemblance to the market pattern. The aim of the coin was to make cryptocurrency available to millions of smartphone users. But the aim seems to have been erased now. As far as the recent condition is concerned, market experts call for any huge announcement or efficient PR activities to bring the coin to track. Electroneum was heavily traded on Cryptopia, but the liquidation of the exchange has made the ETN coin even weaker. However, it is too early to predict if the coin will be dead in the near future. We predict the coin to rise for now. But an improvement in the market cap is very unlikely. The 2019 prediction target goes with 0.008 USD. Let’s now analyze the current status of the coin.

Current Statistics of ETN Coin

Electroneum Price Chart

electroneum price chart

  • Electroneum is ranked at 108th position in the global crypto market.
  • The ROI of ETN coin stands at negative 94.17%.
  • A total of 9,456,002,154 ETN coins are in current circulations.
  • The current market cap as on 17th May at 01:09 UTC stands at 52,248,065 USD.
  • The ETN coin price stands at 0.005525 USD and 0.00000070 BTC currently.
  • The current 24h volume at the same UTC stands at 1,215,909 USD.


The price of Electroneum coin has been growing with a stable pace throughout the year until now. There have been 4 major instances of steep ups and downs. The lowest point of the ETN coin was on 12th March at 0.005604 USD and the highest value of Electroneum was achieved on 24th February at 0.007586 USD. The market cap on 17th April was 49,957,319 USD and the value of each ETN coin was 0.005378 USD. The current market cap and the value of ETN in USD are respectively 4.58% and 2.73% more than the figures for last month.

Electroneum Price Prediction-

Our prediction goes with the short term bullish trend. The next resistance will be there at 0.0065 USD. By the end of 2019, the value will be at 0.008 USD. The path till that target price will be full of price variations.


Buying fresh electroneum coins is not advisable now. Holding the existing investment until 2020 will give the profit intended.

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