Ethereum (ETH) Price Analysis: Will Ethereum Token Cross The $500 Mark In The Next 30 Days?

  • With the release of Ethereum 2.0, ETH coin will set new milestones soon
  • Ethereum is promoting the platform through events and partnerships to gain acceptance

Ethereum is the open source decentralized smart contracts platform based on the underlying blockchain technology. Since its inception, Ethereum has paved the way for multiple cryptocurrencies is to be developed and launched in the world. The firm has been making continuous upgrades in the technology to increase the transaction speed, and the latest Ethereum 2.0 version can manage up to 100 transactions per second. This can be a huge breakthrough for a crypto asset like Ethereum, which has a huge trust factor of the traders and now growing faster with each passing day.

Current Statistics:

Ethereum Price Chart

  • Ethereum is being ranked at the 2nd position in the global cryptocurrencies list
  • The ROI of the coin stands at 8,685.46%
  • The circulating supply has been equivalent to the total supply which is now 106, 155, 508 ETH
  • As on May 21, 2019, at 10:44:01 UTC, the market cap of ETH is noted at 26,367,572,435 USD
  • The price of the coin is trading at USD 248.39 & 0.03169222 BTC
  • The 24 h volume has been 10,891,668,862 USD


In the last 30 days, the price of ETH coin has moved between the range of 275.39 USD and 152.09 USD. In the last 7 days, the highest was almost the same while the lowest value was recorded at 203.00 USD. As on April 22, 2019, at 21:34:01 USD, the price of ETH was trading at 170.94 USD & 0.03220054 BTC. There has been an upward trend of over 45% in the past month. The market cap was recorded at 18,079,949,613 USD and 24 h volume was 5,734,291,903 USD.

Ethereum Price Prediction until 2020:

Ethereum reached as high as 1,432.88 USD on January 13, 2018. ETH coin has shown a tremendous surge in value since the beginning of 2019 however the coin still has to cross the 500 USD mark to prove its worth once again. The price of ETH coin can rise as high as 1000 USD by the end of 2019 and can cross the 5000 USD mark by 2020. Ethereum has gained popularity across the world and has to ink greater partnerships now to register a record high. The team is currently focusing on making the platform technologically advanced and unbeatable to maintain its edge.


According to ETH price forecast, this is a good time to invest in ETH as the coin will be in huge demand in the imminent future leading to a higher price surge.

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