NEO(NEO) Price Analysis: Will NEO Make A Spectacular Comeback?

  • Ranked number nineteen in the crypto market.
  • Launch of NEO 3.0 and Zeux, a digital payment network to further boost NEO is standing in the market.
  • Technical advances of NEO over Ethereum and focus on digitization of assets work in favor of the coin.

NEO 3.0 launch is a much-anticipated event and has garnered a lot of interest from investors and traders. NEO is getting into collaborations with key business players, the most recent being with Zeux digital payments network. The partnership with Zeus enables customers to use NEO to deal with Apple and Samsung Pay. Such major partnerships are expected to strengthen its position further in the market and make it a strong bet for a long-term investment. Strong fundamentals of the coin and positive support from the Chinese Government also work in its favor. Current statistics also indicate that the price has been stable over the past few months.

NEO, also known as “Chinese Ethereum,” is one of the success stories in the crypto market. The ever-increasing user base is an indicator. NEO is a blockchain based platform that allows developers to develop a smart contract and decentralized applications.

Current Statistics:

NEO Price Chart

As on May 13, 2019, at 09:04:02 UTC, the market price of NEO is 9.41 USD. Price is down by 3.66% from the last closing price. Current market cap is around 610,291,349 USD, 24 h volume is at 416,929,548 USD and ROI is a massive 5073.54%. The current rank is number nineteen in the crypto-currencies market. The 24-Hour High/Low is 10.19 USD and 9.04 USD. As on April 13, at 10:09:04 UTC, the price was 11.35 USD. The price was down by 17.09% compared to that of last month.

Price Prediction:

The price prediction for NEO suggests that the coin has given high returns over the past years but went on a downslide during the 2018 market crash. However, in 2019, the price has recovered and slowing moving upwards. The price has been speculative, but analysts predict that, based on the past and present trends and positive news surrounding it, the coin will slowly regain ground and predict a price rise to the extent of around 20 by the year-end and around 140-180 USD by 2020. They consider it as an investment for the long run. Investors are advised to be cautious in the short term and hold the coin for the long term.

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