Ripple (XRP) Price Analysis: Will Ripple Live Up To Its Expectations?

  • The remittance payments market is currently largely untapped; huge potential seen here for Ripple.
  • The market cap of Ripple is at USD 12.42 billion
  • ROI is a massive 4918.86%.

The remittance payment market is a growing market, with large portions of it still untapped. Ripple could take advantage of this fact and benefit vastly from it.

Ripple (XRP) is one of the most popular blockchain networks for cross border remittances and settlement.

Current Statistics:

Ripple Price Chart

As on May 10, 2019, at 09:14:01 UTC, the market price of Ripple is 0.295220 USD. Price was down by 2.09% from the last closing. Currently, the market cap for Ripple is around USD 12.42 billion, 24 h volume is at USD 0.90 billion, circulating supply is at 42,133,310,721 XRP and ROI is at a massive 4918.86%.  Ripple is ranked number three in the cryptocurrency market. 24-hour High/Low was 0.301478 USD / 0.294114 USD. As on April 10, 2019, at 09:19:01 UTC, the price was 0.350817 USD. The price was lower by 15.85% as compared to last month. Ripple has been one of the most consistent coins in terms of price movement.

Ripple Price Prediction:

Ripple is all for value. It offers innovation in how value moves across the financial markets. Ripple is a company that is involved in solving real-world problems and a cryptocurrency with one of the highest growth rates. Ripple’s long list of famous clients includes Standard Chartered, Axis Bank, SBI Bank Japan, Euro Exim Bank, and TransferGo India. Recently, key financial players made announcements about moving into the blockchain space. This indicates that there is still a lot of untapped opportunity in the crypto market. Ripple being a digital cross border platform will benefit from this announcement. This will open new gateways for Ripple’s untapped potential. Many institutional investors trust Ripple and its growth potential. All of these factors will benefit Ripple, and its future looks bright.

It was a bad ride for all cryptocurrencies in 2018, but now the markets have slowly started recovering, especially in the case of Ripple. At times of volatility, Ripple has managed to fare better than other coins. Analysts predict a price rise of 20 USD by the end of the year, though the short-term outlook is not so good. Existing investors should hold the coin as it has huge potential for the long term. New investors should go all ahead and buy the coin.

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