Waves (WAVES) Price Analysis: Waves To Repeat The 900% Return By 2023

Waves which gave a 900% return in two years between 2017 and 2018 surging from 0.68 USD to 6.88 USD is set to repeat it by 2023. It means it will reach a price of 24 USD from its current trading price of 2.5 USD.  It is predicted to reach that level based on both fundamental and technical considerations.

Fundamental features favoring  Waves:

  • It helps anyone to come out with their own ICO
  • It has real-time trading capacity value across various exchanges
  • Recently it has started supporting the blockchain efforts of Microsoft’s Azure
  • Its blockchain platform intends to be one of the decentralized places for crowdfunding and trading by tokenization
  • Smart-contracts in waves are with lightning speed and with fewer complexities compared to other significant cryptocurrencies
  • Its improved NG protocol has increased its momentum and popularity among global digital miners

Technical features favoring Waves:

  • For a considerable period, it has been trading in the green and set to continue its uptrend
  • More favorable with traders now than before for a positive road map
  • The volumes are high for the past one month of trading with 15 rises in value

Current Waves Price Statistics at today’s 7.24 UTC:

Waves (WAVES) Price Chart

  • Waves coins are currently at the 34th position in the list of Coinmarketcap for cryptocurrencies.
  • The current total circulation is 100,000,000 waves
  • The ROI is 85.84%
  • The market cap  is 249,511,904 USD
  • Waves is trading at 2.49 USD
  • The traded volume value  is 38,519,959 USD
  • On April 27th, Waves traded at 2.17 USD which shows a rise of 14.74%

Value comparisons of Waves:

The monthly rise of  26.39% at 2.49 USD traded currently shows the upward trend of Waves. From the months low of 1.97 USD, it has soared to a high of 2.74 USD. Once it breaks the month high, and the next resistance is the three months high 3.18 to break for a bull run.

Today’s movement of Waves:

The cryptocurrency exchange France, Waves seem to be quiet today. It saw a movement of 0.15 dollars with a high of 2.54 USD and a low of 2.39 USD. From yesterday’s close of 2.48, it is now trading at 2.49, which is 0.4% rise without much change in volume. You can check out and read more about the Waves price forecast to get a complete idea about the future prices of the coin.



Though today’s trading seems to be quiet, it is on the upward trend for the past month with a rise of 26.39%. The significant change in volume with many positive fundamental and technical triggers in its favor, it is sure to reach the crucial level of 5.27 USD which is its year high. It is more than 100% jump from current price.

Roxanne Williams

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