Price of Binance Coin (BNB) Exceeds $10 One More Time

In the world of digital assets, things turn from dull to interesting pretty soon. While many digital currencies are witnessing a slight increase in their prices, things are getting surprisingly brighter for Binance Coin. With the current development, the coin might reach the target of $10 yet another time, although it is too early to get the confirmed news.

If we look at the present market scenario, it seems quite difficult for any digital asset to make things positive. It is not just the alternative currencies that are facing obstacles, but the bitcoin is going through an unpredictable market situation. Binance Coin, however, as it appears, is attempting to turn the tide for itself.

Throwing more light on Binance Coin’s current market standings is its significant gain of 4.3% in terms of its USD value with its price reaching to 9.95 dollars. If it manages to continue the upward trend as well as the trade volume, then Binance will soon enough cross the 10-dollar mark. Find more details about BNB Forecast on our Forecast page.

On the other hand, Ethereum and Bitcoin have also noted an increase of 2.2% and 3.5% in their respective values.

The reason behind this price rise of Binance Coin or BNB can be the way the entire ecosystem steadily expands in multiple manners. The reduced trading fees have also strengthened its position and unlocked brighter prospects in the coming days for using the currency. The analysis done of the last few months has recorded BNB’s significant progress even when the major use case figures are still somewhat restricted.

What’s more, is Binance Coin’s CEO in his tweet had indirectly suggested that BNB is the topmost token on the blockchain of Ethereum as far as the market capitalization value goes. The development, as and when confirmed, can start a few future debates. BNB has visibly garnered itself a more significant position than TrueUSD, Maker, and USD Coin despite having a different target audience altogether.

There are also people who want to see BNB partner with PayPal in the future. Although it appears to be an awesome collaboration between two completely different companies, it is doubtful that such a thing might practically take place in the actual world circumstances.

Looking at the optimistic unfolding of things for BNB, it seems the coin will continue its rise for some time. However, it remains to be seen if it will manage to maintain the same momentum after reaching the 10 dollar target. So there are all the reasons for you to stay tuned for more updates and careful with the upward trend.

David Cox

David is a finance graduate and crypto enthusiast. He projects his expertise in subjects like crypto and Blockchain while writing for CryptoNewsZ. Being from Finance background, he efficiently writes Price Analysis. Apart from writing, he actively nurtures hobbies like sports and movies.

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