Price predictions: Avalanche, Ethereum, and Orbeon Protocol

Legendary American baseball player Lawrence ‘Yogi’ Berra was famous for making quips and pithy observations and being a great baseball player. Asked by a sports journalist about his predictions for a big game, he replied, “predicting is hard, particularly about the future.” He is right about that. Predicting is hard, but nonetheless, we do it all the time. 

In fact, predicting is the basis for all investment activities. With that said, here are some predictions about the respective prices of Avalanche AVAX, Ethereum, and Orbeon (ORBN). Notably, ORBN is currently in its presale phase and is expected to surge in value by over 6000%.


Avalanche (AVAX) is looking bearish

Avalanche fell dramatically during 2022. AVAX, Avalanche’s native coin, lost more than 85% of its value over the course of this year and is now ranked number 18 by market capitalization. Avalanche (AVAX) endured a rapid sell-off in May due to Avalanche’s strong relationship with Terra, specifically because Terra’s Luna Foundation Guard had built up a $200m Avalanche (AVAX) reserve.

Even relationships with Chainlink and Robinhood have failed to halt the decline. Avalanche was trading at $15.73 at the end of October, a huge 89% below its November 2021 high of $146.22. Analyst sentiment around Avalanche (AVAX) is decidedly bearish right now.

Ethereum (ETH) analysts smell blood in the water

Notwithstanding recent setbacks, Ethereum’s annualized ROI is around 300%. That’s impressive in any reading. In fact, early investors in Ethereum have almost quadrupled their stake since 2014. 

It’s fair to say that expert opinion, as per usual, is sharply divided. Some industry watchers are predicting a widescale recovery for Ethereum in the fourth quarter of this year, with some suggesting that the price of Ethereum could rise to as much as $7000. However, others are betting the other way, anticipating a collapse of Ethereum (ETH) down to $750 or even $500 by year’s end. Since the merge, Ethereum has remained comparatively stable, the however recent market movement has seen Ethereum pump almost 12% higher, and analysts are divided on if this spells more bullish momentum or a potential cascade in the future.

Orbeon (ORBN) has got the analysts excited

Launched this year and currently, in its presale phase, Orbeon Protocol looks set to make serious waves, not just in the cryptocurrency market. Orbeon protocol means that, for the first time, everyday investors have the opportunity to invest in new and start-up businesses in the same way that venture capitalists have been doing for years.

Orbeon (ORBN)

The Orbeon exchange enables businesses to raise capital by minting these opportunities as NFTs that have been fractionalized, thereby allowing investors to buy these NFTs for as low as $1, significantly lowering the barrier of entry into the VC and crowdfunding industries. Investors using the Orbeon protocol enjoy unparalleled security, as the “Fill or Kill” mechanism fully refunds any invested capital should the startup fail to reach its fundraising goals in the stipulated timeframe.

ORBN is the native token that powers the Orbeon Protocol ecosystem and grants holders numerous benefits such as staking bonuses, governance rights, access to exclusive investor groups, and more.

The total supply of ORBN is 888,000,000, and 40% of all coins are being made available for purchase during the presale phase, which has recently begun and is expected to last until late January 2023. The current price is just $0.004, but given the strength and the sheer utility of the Orbeon Protocol, analysts are already predicting that the price will rise by 6,000% to $0.24 by the time the presale closes.

Orbeon is shaping up to be the most original and innovative project of this year and maybe longer. It’s no wonder that the community is so bullish about its prospects.

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