Prime Trust: A Technology-driven Financial Institution

The concept of financial inclusion has been getting a lot of importance of late. In an ideal world, everybody must have access to a reliable ecosystem of Financial Services and to realize this dream, many institutions are propping up in the domain of financial assets management.

Out of all these institutions, some names stand apart thanks to their efficient services, superior networking capabilities, high safety, and security credentials, and adherence to the highest level of statutory compliances. One such institution that ticks all the right boxes is Prime Trust. It has been among the leading names in the domain of financial service providers and emerged a preferred choice among customers.

Prime Trust: What makes it different?

The reason behind the popularity of Prime Trust is not difficult to ascertain. It offers a wide range of services which means no matter what’s your need, you will find a solution here. Among the key services provided by the institution, prominent ones are related to exchange and over-the-counter (OTC) services, asset-protection services, compliance services, qualified custody services, PRIMEPAY digital payment services, and more importantly, application programming interface (API) solutions.

Application programming interface (API)

The API Solutions offered by Prime Trust is different in several parameters. It offers an ultra-fast speedy solution thanks to the “REST” standards which underpins it. This translates into faster integration of applications with the API, resulting in more efficient results. The API service comes with a sandbox environment that is absolutely free and helps the project to achieve new heights of scalability. You can seamlessly integrate fiat and other digital assets with the API for enhanced productivity and a wider scope of operations.

PRIMEPAY Digital Payment Services

The digital payment service provided by the Prime Trust goes by the name of PRIMEPAY. This service is available for a range of transactional mediums, including credit cards, debit cards, fed-wire, etc. The conversion rate provided by the company is best among the industry and its global coverage makes it ideal for instant money conversion and processing applications.

Prime Trust is a regulated financial technology organization. It offers highly compliant services that are well-secured and easily thwarts any attempt of illegal hacking or online fraud. This is because the service is compliant with various provisions of Anti-Money laundering (AML) and has a strong in-built security system. What further aids its credibility is the very transparent processing fee structure; there are no hidden charges whatsoever.

Prime Exchange Network (PrimeX™)

The convenience offered by financial services provided by the Prime Trust is aptly complemented by its Prime Exchange Network (PrimeX™). The exchange network offers quick and reliable services of transferring assets on a real-time basis. You can utilize the service 24X7 and assets can be transferred between Prime trust accounts or to anyone who is a member of the PrimeX network.

Further to expand the services among institutional clients, Prime Trust and Signature Bank have come together recently. This development assumes significance, given the fact that both of these organizations are competitors to each other, although they have decided to join hands to achieve the efficiency of scale while minimizing the cost.


The contribution of Prime Trust in building the digital financial ecosystem is quite commendable. The company has built its set of services on safe, secure, reliable, and fast protocols which are proving instrumental in providing world-class services to its clients at competitive rates. It can be safely assumed that the company will grow by leaps and bounds as it continues to evolve and upgrade its services while keeping customers’ interests in mind.

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