Primitives Protocol: Simplifying consumer crypto apps on Solana

Primitives Protocol is a protocol, and SDK meant for builders intending to create consumer crypto applications on Solana. They will utilize their sense of background to create consumer social products to release high-end decentralized social user exposure. In their opinion, this will help in roping in the next swarm of users on-chain.

At the time of the initial introduction of the Primitives beta web application in 2022, they firmly believed that having access to the internet would be owning a wallet. It was beyond their imagination that a time would come when financially synchronized communities could go in now for tokens permissionlessly. Even the wallet choices were complicated enough and expensive for mainline acceptance.

Therefore, they created the easiest consumer exposure within crypto using the Primitives application. Primitives were initially in the art collecting field, where a connected user was allotted a non-custodial wallet, an NFT as an identifier, and an instruction to obtain three more NFTs for his wallet. Their non-crypto user base was able to ming more than 150,000 items pertaining to art pieces via their cameras throughout one and a half years.

The reason Primities honed in on Solana was to create consumer exposure since the transactions at Solana are quick and cost-effective. They could get the feeling of a crypto social future being laid out in front of them, but not effectively, in case the mainline users had to put up with the complications related to seed phrases, bridging, and unallowed gas fees.

However, creating social exposure on a blockchain is not smooth. Transactions require time for settling, and crowding can take place at the best of times. The understanding was that a smooth crypto application spoke of controlling blockchain procedures beyond their main application. Therefore,  creating a framework for their main application became their priority.

Primitives started creating a base for an SDK that would help in backing further social applications on Solana. They initially opened their minting factory, providing developers with exposure to simplified minting.

Along with that, Solana introduced compressed NFTs, a revolutionary system for minting NFTs at nearly no cost. They brought together their main Primitives application on Solana, along with compressed NFs, to initiate the creation of an interoperable protocol on Solana, wherein users owned their data on-chain. Added to that, developers had the option of creating applications and games.

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