PRIZM Group & Bruce Lee Group Revive Bruce Lee’s Metaverse Home

Revival of the Memory: Bruce Lee’s Metaverse Home will be co-hosted by PRIZM Group and Bruce Lee Club, according to a recent announcement. The project will be commemorated on the 49th anniversary of the famed martial artist’s passing.

The ventures are honoring the legacy of Bruce Lee in movie history. They will recreate Lee’s flick, Crane’s Nest, with VR technology for cultural growth. At the same time, they will reveal multiple Bruce Lee-centric collectibles during the exhibition.

Besides exposing the new generation to Bruce Lee, the projects aim to create engagement. Additionally, they aim to visit Lee’s old house, recollecting memories via metaverse and NFT. The collaboration will also see three Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Educational students working on reproducing the Crane’s Nest.

The property was destroyed in 2019 and will be reconstructed in the metaverse. Bruce Lee fans can visit the old house and experience a series of events. The Crane’s Nest’s metaverse version allows users to access every event and activity organizers plan for the near future.

The enterprises have also approached the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (school of design) to contribute content ideas. Additionally, they invite Shannon Ma, a popular computer graphics artist, as the technical consultant. The finalized project will be released worldwide next year on 20th July, the 50th death anniversary.

The replica of the well-known Enter the Dragon movie is another thing to keep an eye out for. Visitors can share the moment on social media channels as well. Several e-payment Asian platforms and Six Degrees are sponsoring the exhibition.

Wong Yiu Keung, Bruce Lee Club’s chairman, talked about the recent development. As per Keung, the property was initially transformed into a hotel after Bruce died and planned to be changed into a memorial hall once. However, the plan was stopped after several attempts while the home was destroyed.

The platforms are recreating Bruce’s final trail using VR technology while understanding the Water Philosophy. The projects also collaborate with organizations and universities, including three young students trying to spread Bruce’s spirit to the next generation, added Wong.


Given the stature Bruce Lee still possesses, the great efforts made by Bruce Lee Group and PRIZM Group are certain to produce tremendous results.

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