Project: Pigeon Merges with ChainLink VRF

Project: Pigeon announced integration with the popular oracle solution ChainLink. The deal was signed exclusively for the new Verifiable Randomness Function (VRF) developed by the oracle solution. The new addition will help do the Project: Pigeon ecosystem transparent and auditable while bringing tamper-proof data sources. Furthermore, the ChainLink will ensure randomness during NFT minting and help preserve the essence of true decentralization.

Built on the Polygon network, Project: Pigeon develops NFT games emphasizing what is known as phy-gital. These are next-generation learning applications with the advantages of decentralization. The project’s portfolio comprises several mini-games powered with game-agnostic NFTs that can use any application in the ecosystem. 

As per the briefing, this next-generation NFT platform attempts to bring the benefits of artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, edtech, wellness, fintech, and marketing under one umbrella. While the project stays invested in these areas, the ChainLink will help it reduce the time-to-market by bringing in ready-made solutions.

ChainLink is currently leading the industry with its state-of-the-art oracle solutions that are not just efficient but highly compatible with all the networks and projects. The secure cryptographic proofs from ChainLink will key to the generative NFTs of Project: Pigeon. 

In addition to the key randomization function, the NFT project hopes to incorporate other services from ChainLink, such as the ChainLink Keepers, for large-scale automation of NFT minting, distribution, and token vestment. Project: Pigeon founder Tim Murphy hopes that this integration will help the start-up keep its activities unbiased and random to earn the community’s support.


The RNG solutions from ChainLink have made quite an impression in the crypto space; many gaming and NFTs have already signed their deal with the oracle network. Only recently, Ragnörak and Val Kilmer’s The God Panel have got on board with ChainLink.

Scott Cook

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