Project Z and its Overall Characterization (Components of Its Existence)

Project Z: Its Definition
The Zano team of developers (Crypto Zoidberg) is finally relieved that its offering is going to get released soon. The team had waited for this moment since a long time. Today the team finally announced a short recap to present the project’s features along with its technical background and. The team has also clarified on the connection between Zano and team’s older project, named Boolberry.

Zano is Crypto Zoidberg’s new blockchain project which aims at e-commerce applications. Zano inherits some of the older technological principles of Crypto Zoidberg which would be beneficial to the project. However, some of the features are introduced in Zano newly.

Hybrid consensus algorithm
One of the features which brings next-level security to this network is the PoW/PoS hybrid consensus set of rules integrated n to the system. The network supports blockchain extensions which in return minimizes attack possibilities.

The efficient asynchronous core of Zano
Cryptocurrency has always faced issues with the factor of scalability, and especially the older blockchain projects have fell prey to this issue. The Zano team had to make considerable efforts to make remove this issue and make Zano as efficient as possible. Developing the asynchronous core infrastructure is the result of this effort. This architecture allows processing multiple transactions at the same time.

The user-friendly interface of the project which comes with multiwalled technique.
In order to make the process easier for the network users, the Crypto Zoidberg’s team has made its interface with multiple wallets.

Other features of this new crypto are:
Optimized single-file wallet
Contracts & Peer-to-peer transactions
And Simplified Alias registration

BBR Coinswap
No pre minable coins were available in the market when Boolberry was launched for the first time. The team was very well aware of the popularity of the new project as per the experience they had during the launch of Boolberry. So developers made sure that the Boolberry holders get an option of swapping their Boolberry coins with Zano. However, one must remember that the project and its ecosystem is changed a lot through these years.

The team has put its efforts in the Zano to make it more user-friendly as we have seen above. Boolberry holders can easily switch to Zano as the team has made the transfer easier. However, it is not mandatory to switch the coins. BBR users can keep the coins if they wish.

One more important fact about Zano is that it is not a hard fork of Boolberry. It is a new project, inside-out.

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