Proof of Impact Announces Closing of Franklin Templeton Led Funding Round

Headquartered in Amsterdam, Proof of Impact, the globally renowned marketplace which fosters linking of customer transactions to verifiable impact events has broadcasted the news about the closure of its first institutional investment funding round chaired by leading asset management firm Franklin Templeton Investments. The news was about the ending of the funding round was made public on December 12, 2019.

According to the latest reports, the share of Franklin Templeton’s investment in Proof of Impact funding project is still not revealed by the authorities of the parties involved. However, as part of the integration arrangement, a notable representative of Franklin Templeton will be assigned a place in the board panel of Proof of Impact. The highly anticipated funding event of Proof of Impact saw active participation from some of the most reputable names in the industry. Apart from Franklin Templeton, other renowned entities that were a part of the process were Ausum Ventures, Crypto Valley Venture Capital, and Pangea Blockchain fund. The pooling of investment funds from the world-leading financial firms will allow Proof of Impact to achieve its strategic development objectives in the best possible way.

While talking about the funding round, Fleur Heyns, who serves as the co-founder of Proof of Impact, stated that “We are extremely pleased that a global financial institution with extensive emerging market investment product experience and distribution capacity is committed to build the next generation impact investment market with us.”

Recently, the global digital asset manager Franklin Templeton garnered a lot of attention from the crypto world when it filed a preliminary prospectus with the US-based financial watchdog, Securities, and Exchange Commission for acquiring permission for setting up a government money market fund directed towards blockchain-based shares.

The fund is likely to make crucial investments in an array of product offerings, including U.S government securities, repurchase agreements, blockchain-focused shares, etc. The document, however, clearly mentioned that the investments would not involve cryptocurrencies in any form.

About Proof of Impact

Proof of Impact is a revolutionary blockchain-pegged platform that allows its customers to donate or invest their funds towards verifiable impact events like child vaccinations, solar energy plant installations, and ocean cleanliness, etc. These impact events are linked to verifiable ownership in a public listed entity and allow users to give in their input in solving the global issues.

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