Propy & Seen Haus to Launch the World’s 1st Real Estate NFT

NFTs are witnessing an unprecedented market surge in 2021. Be it music, art, or even games, NFT is expanding its reach. Seen Haus, the auction house renowned for merging NFTs with the real world, further explores the trend. The auction house has joined hands with Propy to sell an NFT marketplace for real estate belongings. The marketplace will be launched in 2021 itself and will become the first real estate-based NFT. Propy stated that Seen Haus is the ideal name to launch any NFT-related project. Since they are well-known among NFT collectors, it will help Propy offer an esteemed user experience.

Seen Haus facilitates the auction of NFTs representing items like jewelry, watches, cars, and physical collectibles and delivers them to the winner’s address. Thus, Propy is delighted to collaborate with such an innovative team to mark a turning point in the history of NFTs. The involved property will be a studio apartment situated in Kyiv, Ukraine’s historic section. The apartment is currently owned by Michael Arrington, known for founding Arrington XRP Capital and TechCrunch. The apartment already has a history with digital assets as it was the first property ever bought through a smart contract. The transaction was facilitated through the ETH network, and the payment was made through cryptocurrencies.

When is the Auction, and what is on Offer?

The auction will go live on June 8, 2021, at 10 am (PST). The bidding price starts at 20,000 dollars, but it is expected to surpass the number by a mile. The winning bid will propose a unique NFT with:

  • Complete access to the apartment with the ownership transferred through documentation.
  • A digital image of the apartment.
  • A digital art NFT made by Chizz, a renowned graffiti artist. The physical painting will be provided within the apartment.

To participate in the auction, users can avail of the form provided on Seen Haus’s official website. The auction is expected to be a major hit, given the sheer stature of the parties involved. If all goes well, the development will help the NFT sector cultivate even more market prestige.


Seen Haus, the auction house famous for selling NFTs based on real-life assets, has joined hands with Propy. The partnership will mark the first instance where a real estate NFT will be auctioned. The property is a well-known studio apartment based in Ukraine. The bidding starts at 20,000 dollars, and the auction goes live on June 8, 2021. Users can fill a form to participate in the auction and get a hold of multiple rewards.

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