PropyKeys integrates Chainlink Automation for efficient staking reward disbursement

PropyKeys has incorporated Chainlink Automation to safely and effectively activate the disbursement of staking rewards on their platform. This will help enhance overall user exposure and simplify the process. Incidentally, PropyKeys is positioned live on the Base mainnet.

By utilizing Chainlink Automation to boost their staking rewards disbursement activities, it ascertains an extremely dependable Web3 automation solution. The Chainlink Automation Network is run by similar node operators that presently assist in harnessing vast amounts of money within the DeFi ecosystem. The framework of Chainlink provides the option for staking rewards disbursement to be implemented timely.

PropyKeys is focused on roping in 5 million home addresses on-chain by 2025. The company has been involved in on-chain transactions from 2017 onwards, along with the deliverance of a landmark decentralized title listing and an escrow settlement protocol to safely store land records and initiate transactions on-chain.

Chainlink Automation is a decentralized solution developed to control work in place of smart contracts. It utilizes decentralized, highly dependable, and cost-effectively motivated automation nodes for activating smart contracts when they are required to function on on-chain activities happening periodically.

Chainlink Automation comes with very dependable and decentralized automation. It has an established framework that assists in cost-cutting. It has been created to accelerate upgrading and open the doors for fresh use cases.

In the words of the COO of PropyKeys, Andrew Zapo, the association with Chainlink Automation will allow them to utilize its safe, dependable, decentralized automation solution.

PropyKeys is a gamified platform in the Propy ecosystem; It is changing the face of real estate ownership via blockchain technology. It was introduced on Base in March 2024. It offers users the ability to mint digital addresses and deeds about physical properties.

The decentralized computing platform Chainlink, on the other hand, is a benchmark for enhancing the authenticated web. It has been responsible for a large volume of transaction value by offering financial institutions, startups, and builders the option of connecting with real-time data, off-chain computation, and safe cross-chain interoperability throughout every blockchain. It helps boost authenticable applications about banking, DeFi, global trade, and other verticals.

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