Prosecutors in Bulgaria level serious charges on Nexo

The prosecutors belonging to Bulgaria have leveled serious charges against Nexo. This entity is a centralized crypto lender also belonging to the country itself. According to them, Nexo happened to have been in connection with a client of theirs who was financing terrorist-related activities. All this information was passed on through a localized news report. 

In between all of this, Bulgarian law enforcement has been actively engaged in thoroughly going through the fifteen addresses they had been provided with. However, as of now, it still cannot be ascertained whether there have been any arrests that have taken place. 

Where Nexo is concerned, its spokesperson Magdalena Hristova has come out with a statement that all of these happenings and allegations are being orchestrated to bring the company down from the high position the company holds at present. He goes on to add that Nexo happens to be completely cooperating with all of the concerned authorities in Bulgaria. 

The allegations seem to be centered around the fact that the company, along with supporting financial in terrorist activities, also happens to be engaging in all sorts of money laundering issues, along with tax evasion. The venue where the raids are taking place happens to be in some back-office and not where public dealing is done. However, Nexo is fully cooperating throughout the entire trial process. The inquiries are going on in relation to Anti-money laundering and tax compliance. The palace where the inquiries are taking place is not facing customers, and they handle the back office functions.

However, the prosecutor of Bulgaria, Siika Mileva, is concerned $94 billion of illegal money has been transacted by Nexo for a period of five years, and the matter was supposedly hushed with the help of shell companies. At the present moment in time, Sofia is being raided so as to put a stop to all illegal goings-on in the Nexo crypto bank.  

Roxanne Williams

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