Provenance Blockchain collaborates with Axelar

Provenance Blockchain has announced its partnership with Axelar to improve blockchain connectivity within the financial ecosystem. The formal declaration of the union will occur at the Real-World Summit, which will be held in New York. For the uninitiated, Provenance Blockchain is the leading decentralized blockchain developed for financial services, with over $8 billion in real-time financial assets (RWA) total value locked (TVL). Axelar, on the other hand, is the premier Web3 interoperability platform.  

There are speculations that the tokenized asset market’s value will increase to $16 trillion by 2030, up from the current $300 billion. The need of the hour is an efficient mechanism for cross-chain transfer of financial assets. Interoperability is required for financial assets in order to permit uninterrupted and efficient movement, trading, and connectivity with multiple platforms, markets, and financial institutions. This will facilitate liquidity and accessibility for investors and market participants.

The vision behind the collaboration is to make financial assets easily available across blockchains. The incorporation between the layer 1 blockchain for RWAs and the topper in blockchain interoperability will link 49 chains. 

It is known that Provenance Blockchain has supported more than $15 billion in on-chain financial transactions. This refers to more than 70 international institutions and leading fintechs, including Apollo Management, Hamilton Lane Guaranteed Rate, and many others. In the realm of finance, Provenance Blockchain is home to a number of native and operational use cases, including private equity funds, payments, loans, insurance, and trade finance.

According to Anthony Moro, CEO of the Provenance Blockchain Foundation, interoperability has contributed to the growth of the modern blockchain-based financial movement. There was a need for a connection between all asset holders, buyers, and merchants across multiple marketplaces and leading blockchains. This will facilitate the transfer of assets throughout Web3. This is Axelar’s area of expertise.

Axelar is the largest Web3 interoperability platform. It connects multiple public blockchains via a secure, programmable cross-chain network. As a result of the partnership between Provenance Blockchain and Axelar, Provenance Blockchain’s expanding on-chain RWAs will be connected to Web3 using the services and developer tools that have been developed on Axelar’s programmable cross-chain platform. For applications to give users the right amount of cross-chain exposure, Axelar offers General Message Passing (GMP). Axelar protects cross-chain assets and enables the upgradability of cross-chain applications via a collection of 75 authenticators utilizing a proof-of-stake protocol.

According to Sergey Gorbunov, co-founder of Axelar, it is unnecessary to restrict Web3 to public blockchains. There are opportunities to exceed expectations. Through his partnership with Provenance Blockchain, he intends to create an interoperable Web3 within the realm of traditional finance, as well as provide an authenticated and robust financial mechanism to users in all investment segments.

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