PTE Model Launched by FantomGo

Millions of individuals worldwide do not have the capital to invest in crypto assets. The novel and innovative model of Participate-To-Earn (PTE) launched by the fantomGO platform will enable everyone to make crypto investments without capital requirements. According to ftm crypto price prediction reports, the PTE Model is a pricing prototype that rewards users for participation. The model is for users who possess sharp in-demand skills and unique talent. It rewards users for participation and skill while allowing them to develop innovative projects integrating with the vetted project on fantomGO. 

If a user seeks to earn $FTG tokens on fantomGO, he can contribute in the following ways:

  • Documentation of code for the development of improved applications for the platform
  • Providing support to the platform via social media
  • Creation of content that may include digital/physical art and music
  • Documentation of articles about fantomGO projects
  • Conducting research on Web3 and emerging topics

The model gamifies the participation by assigning users with a set of tasks that they have to complete to win the rewards. The user will be able to climb the ranks and win more fantomGO tokens with more participation and contribution. The total prize pool associated with the PTE Model is currently worth around $240,000. The participation of the users begins with the gamification of the tasks by the PTE model of fantomGO. It is quickly followed by the distribution of rewards among users for participation. The rewards that the users receive are used in cryptocurrency staking to decide the user’s access level to the platform. As of today, fantomGO is associated with more than a billion $FTG tokens. Almost 25% of the tokens is used as economic incentive in the system and this incentive is shared among the developers of fantomGO.

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