PUBG looks up to Banger for NFT integration

PUBG collaborates with Banger to integrate NFTs into its ecosystem. The update is tentatively scheduled to go live in 2023. The blockchain aspect of the development will be handled by Banger, a platform specializing in integrating non-fungible tokens into the ecosystem of different games.

Non-fungible tokens may not have a great year in 2022, but the gaming sector is surely looking up to it for integration.

When it comes to PUBG NFT integration, participants who enroll for the alpha test automatically qualify for a special Banger digital collectible. It cannot be traded; however, it is a sign designed and given out by Banger, especially for the participants of the alpha test.

There are three challenges that the Banger Alpha test offers.

License to Kill permits players to kill as many individuals as they desire. The more kills a person has, the higher ranked they are in the gaming ecosystem. Maximize your score by walking around the virtual globe and killing other players. Extra points are awarded for getting the ideal headshot.

Kill Frenzy functions on a similar line, except that it gives the player the liberty of running over people without having to keep a count. The rule is the same: maximum points are given to the player who runs over the most people.

Lastly, Ghost Killer has a sniper, requiring players to kill enemies from a distance. The player who shoots from the greatest feasible distance will be awarded the most points.

Nicolas Gonzalez, the Chief Product Officer of Banger, has appreciated the alpha test, saying that it proves partners like PUBG can benefit from the integration of the NFT mechanism without making an initial investment. Additionally, the NFT integration does not affect the experience that gameplay delivers to its players.

Banger is estimated to have another full house with its new extra features and Limited Digital Collectibles that can be owned and worn in recognition of being a part of Banger’s creation.

Blockchain-related scams are on the rise, and it is a risk to have the function built and maintained in-house. Gaming companies like PUBG are, therefore, constantly looking for a white-label platform that can handle the integration of NFT, followed by its security and additional maintenance.

In this case, Banger will also look at all the blockchain-related aspects. PUBG will not have to spare a few minutes to review the section.


To make the virtual world more interactive and interesting, the game industry is continually integrating NFTs. The desire to possess a virtual asset has been observed among players. These digital assets are either traded or developed to increase their value. It will be a test for both businesses when Banger integrates NFT into the PUBG ecosystem.

While the gaming segment seeks to innovate for player retention, the NFT segment pushes the limits of its expansion.

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