Public testnet of Arbitrum Stylus goes live

Arbitrum Stylus is now live as a public testnet, opening the doors for developers and creators to get on board and give their best shots to the open-source SDK. Developers can leverage the facility of EVM and WASM, allowing them to craft a smart contract in any programming language they want. Meaning there are no restrictions on sticking to a particular blockchain because the other does not support their programming language.

It has officially paved the way for utilizing C, Rust, and C++. Other benefits include a reduction in gas costs, a large generative art library, and compute-heavy AI models, to mention a few.

This should not be confused with the fact that anything about the EVM-backed mechanism will change. Only the addition of WASM is what is setting the stage up for additional programming languages. Arbitrum EVM calls this model EVM+, explaining that the plus sign denotes that it brings the best of EVM along with WASM. It gives a chance to expand the ecosystem from 20,000 Solidity developers to millions of developers with no restrictions whatsoever.

What is likely to work for Stylus is its speed of execution and new use cases. Feedback and updates are directly available on the Discord channel of Arbitrum Stylus, as mentioned in the announcement.

Solidity developers and blockchain developers benefit from the aspect of economical computing and familiarity with the Rust environment, respectively.

Key features of the Arbitrum Stylus are:-

  • Liberty to use the programming language of their choice
  • Use the preferred programming language on any chain with no restriction
  • Interoperability of WASM programs & Solidity contracts
  • Improvement in computing speed by 10x & memory by more than 100x
  • New use cases can be deployed – cryptography libraries & computing heavy AI models

Arbitrum Stylus stands out in the market as it retains all the maturity, scalability, and security of Arbitrum. It is further backed by a larger community of developers and partners. Libraries already exist, enabling developers to not spend more time writing codes that are ideally available in the library. They can directly deploy the codes, modify a few points based on their needs, and get started with building the innovation.

The community is invited by Arbitrum Stylus to participate in Stylus Hackathon. There will be a bounty reward worth $20,000. The event will run through September 22, 2023, and September 24, 2023, at ETHGlobal, NY. It comes with an added facility of interacting directly with the team behind Arbitrum Stylus. It is unclear if the interaction will be personal or in the form of a panel discussion.

AMA has been scheduled by them for September 07, 2023, on the official YouTube channel. Trail of Bits has been appointed to conduct audits of Stylus source code. This will shed some light on the aspect of the security of contracts. DAO will be invited to cast its vote in favor of upgrading Stylus support.

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