Pudgy Penguins & Retail Monster partner to launch Pudgy Toyline

Pudgy Penguins recently announced a partnership with Retail Monster to launch its Pudgy Toyline. The collaboration will see Retail Monster helping to deliver family brands to Retail.

The announcement was made via Pudgy Penguins’ official Twitter handle. As per the tweet, the partnership will put the Pudgy Toyline on every retailer’s shelves globally. It will also leverage Pudgy’s IP to facilitate licensing opportunities with other brands.

Pudgy Penguins launched exclusive collectibles that feature Lil Pudgys licensed NFTs in the last year. Retail Monster is a renowned name in the industry, with its network spanning several major retailers worldwide. The company is also representing giant brands, such as Dreamworks, Hasbro, and Disney.

That is why Pudgy Penguins expressed extreme delight about working with Retail Monster. According to the Toyline provider, Retail Monster’s assistance will help them establish a household name. In addition, it will spread its IP to the mainstream audience.

Besides helping the distribution, Retail Monster will also act as the licensing agent for the toy line. It will create licensing opportunities amid its world-class network of brands. The initiative will bring new and more unique Penguins to life.

The Pudgy Toyline holds great significance for the toy provider since it will deliver exclusive licensed NFTs to users. These collectibles are set to be added to Pudgy Plushes, grabbing the attention of many NFT owners.

Lil Pudgys is currently trading at a floor price of 868 dollars or 0.51 ETH. The collection has shown a net increase of 3.3%, which is expected to surge even more with the announcement. 

Given the sheer stature of Retail Monster, the collaboration has been greatly commended by the Pudgy community. Users are requested to follow their official channels to get more information about the collection in the coming weeks.

Trevor Holman

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