Pudgy Penguins Collectibles Are Now Live

Pudgy Penguin has taken a step toward the digital marketplace by introducing its collection of non-fungible tokens. Pudgy Penguins Collectibles are now available in NFT marketplaces featuring Lil Pudgys. These NFTs have been licensed directly by their community members.

Pudgy Penguin Collectibles are a part of the extensive toy line of Pudgy Penguin. However, these are only a sneak peek of the diverse line of toys.

Pudgy Penguin shared the news on Twitter, saying that the team was ecstatic to be at the forefront of Web3.

Pudgy Penguin is a collection of NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. Every NFT has been designed and launched to maximize the value of the project. The project size is 8,888, with 4,488 unique owners registered at the time of drafting this article.

A total of 22,222 Pudgys are said to be in the line-up. The remaining NFTs will be launched in the time to come. Pudgy Penguins have described them as mighty, fierce, and allies in the fight against the evil bears of negativity.

The floor price is currently 3.4 ETH, with a total trade volume of 62,441 ETH. The team is led by Luca Netz, the Chief Executive Officer of Pudgy Penguins. Members comprising the team are a bunch of builders, operators, thinkers, and creators.

Pudgy Penguins is functioning to make its collectible the best brand in the Web3 sphere. Recently, Origin Story team joins hands with Pudgy Penguins as its first official NFT collection.

Pudgy Penguins is experiencing one of the best sales figures in the NFT marketplace. Its collectibles were recently increased by 519% at the floor price of 2.44 ETH. An increase in the floor price has not put any dent in how it is proceeding as more and more owners are joining the forces to grab their favorite collectible.

The hint that Pudgy Penguins could soon come with its metaverse makes the project more interesting. This was noted when Pudgy Penguins shared its Antarctica Map resembling the gaming metaverse.

The project, so far, has received the backing of numerous platforms. The community has also collectively appreciated the project as an innovative work of art in Web3.

NFT collectibles, similar to Pudgy Penguins, aim to accelerate innovation in the Web3 world through IP utilization and community empowerment.

A trader or collector already owning an NFT can still get their hands on another NFT to check if it is free to claim. They will have to connect the wallet and check the qualification for eligibility.

The quest map has merely been teased, and details are yet to be revealed on the website. If it goes the metaverse way, then there is a sure chance of more users getting on board and current holders seeking to leverage the utility of their NFTs in the virtual world.

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