Pudgy Penguins forms exclusive merger with LayerZero

Pudgy Penguins takes the opportunity to air its extreme pleasure in making its official announcement regarding the formation of a partnership that it has made with LayerZero. This very entity happens to be an omnichain interoperability protocol which helps in paving the way for going cross-chain as a matter of possibility. With due regard to this factor, Pudgy penguins will now be in the position of being able to enhance the overall user experience. 

Where Pudgy penguins are concerned, their whole focus is on them reaching higher heights and becoming more popular. In order to achieve this aspect, the team realizes that the factor of being more accessible to more Web3 users will have to remain an absolute top priority. In their firm opinion, to be able to adequately reach their goal, they need to rope in more and more users into the Pudgy penguin ecosystem. Further to this, the issue to be dealt with is also the fact that all of the users who come on board should get the benefit of lesser gas fees to be paid.

Now, with the partnership and the cross-chain technology being made available to them, it is all seeming extremely doable. With both of the entities putting their minds and lines of expertise together, and with LayerZero’s omnichain technology, it will be possible for Pudgy penguins to go on and forth between various chains. This would begin with Polygon, BNB Smart Chain, as well as Arbitrum. The reason behind honing in on these particular chains is, topmost, their extreme popularity. 

In the case of Polygon, the entity has been able to make progress with its incorporating Instagram, Reddit, and as well as Robinhood and roping in further users. In the case of Instagram, there are plans afoot to incorporate NFTs directly with the utilization of Polygon. Robinhood has put forward the proposal to Americans all over for connectivity with financial markets. 

Where the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) is concerned, it is extremely popular in places like East and South Asia, the Middle East, and as well as North Africa. They are constantly and actively engaged in bringing more countries into the crypto ecosystem. Arbitrum, on the other hand, happens to be an Ethereum layer 2 scaling chain which successfully has roped in DeFi-conventional projects. As can be seen with the utmost clarity, all of these entities will prove to be immensely beneficial for Pudgy Penguins in achieving their ultimate goal. 

The team at Pudgy Penguins is now using the freshly introduced soulTransport technology for the sake of offering soulbound tokens with regard to bridgers. There will be three specific soulbound tokens offered, one for each chain. 

At the present moment in time, the entire team at Pudgy Penguins is completely involved with the proper establishment of their ecosystem so as to be effectively able to make connections with the millions of people that they are targeting at large within the Web3 community. 

David Cox

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