Pudgy Penguins to appear at the Las Vegas Licensing Expo

Las Vegas Licensing Expo just got a little better, with Pudgy Penguins entering the picture. Per the announcement on Twitter, Pudgy Penguins will share the floor with some of the famous characters at the Expo from June 13, 2023, to June 15, 2023.

Pudgy Penguins are coming to the Las Vegas Licensing Expo to represent Web3 IP and technology via their booth activation. It will give the team a chance to showcase what they have built while enabling them to construct a network with brands and retailers worldwide for partnerships.

The community has expressed its enthusiasm regarding the move of Pudgy Penguins to the Licensing Expo. One of the members, Luca Netz, has even shared an animation depicting the Penguin’s flight to the Expo. Other members have chosen to make light of Elon Musk’s decision not to include characters on the space rockets.

The announcement that Pudgy Penguins will be at the Las Vegas Licensing Expo follows the one-year anniversary celebration on April 3, 2023. It is currently a collection of 8,888 penguins, each with a distinct characteristic. The set is supported by proof of ownership and is founded on the Ethereum blockchain. In particular, sales of the NFT series increased by 519% within twenty-four hours after the team teased an Antarctic map resembling a gaming category metaverse.

Podgy Penguins features a marketplace with a total of 567 listings. It had the floor price set at 3.967 ETH at the time of drafting this article. The all-time volume has touched 153k ETH, with some art pieces sold for more than 4.5 ETH.

It takes a lot of pride to be a brand that has been born out of the Web3 sphere. It enables creators to access their full potential and produce the type of content they want. The platform alternatively boosts the world of Lil Pudgys. It is a collection of 22,222 penguins coming from the Northern District.

The user can claim a piece of Lil Pudgy after connecting their wallet. However, this is possible only if a Lil Pudgy is available when the wallet has been linked, and the user is proceeding to claim the character.

Users recently gained access to a new Pitch Deck, expanding their opportunities to pitch their Penguin. This is complemented by brand guidelines that are sure to help users establish their IP for a wider reach.

On April 22, 2022, it was reported that Pudgy Penguins’ sales on the mystery map increased by 500%, which makes them intriguing. The update dates back to the previous year, but it cannot be denied that it still has the potential to generate a comparable market surge. In particular, sales of the NFT series increased by 519 percent within twenty-four hours after the team teased an Antarctic map resembling a gaming category metaverse.

Now all the focus is on the Las Vegas Licensing Expo. Pudgy Penguins will feature their best display on the floor from June 13, 2023, to June 15, 2023, representing how far IP and technology have come in Web3.

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