Puffverse connects with Ronin

Puffverse, an interactive 3D universe, will be connecting with Ronin, through which their party game, PuffGo, will be introduced to the community. Added to that will be the backing and creation of Web3 functions such as NFTs, PUFF token, and a whole lot more. 

Puffverse managed to acquire a funding amount of $3 million from Animoca Brands, with further contributions coming from Spartan Group, Foresight Ventures, and certain others. 

Puffverse’s multiplayer party game, PuffGo, comes with a play-to-earn system. It also involves racing, carousels and the Bull Rush. Presently, more than sixteen separate mini-games are available on PuffGo. It introduces a world of options like customization of characters, fuzzy dinosaurs called Patty, the chance to go up against other players, and a lot more. 

Puffverse will be releasing PuffGo on Ronin imminently. Its players will have the option of earning in-game IGO points. These will be a measuring mark for judging a player’s deservedness to obtain PUFF tokens once they are introduced on Ronin. 

The Puffverse ecosystem includes Puff NFTs, PuffGo, the PUFF token and IGO points. 

In the case of Puff NFTs, they include entities like Patty the Dinosaur, Claude the Cloud, and more. They will get activated in the form of NFTs within Puffverse. 

The PUFF token will make it possible to buy NFTs, in-game products, scaling and more in the Puffverse ecosystem.

In the words of the Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Animoca Brands, Yat Siu, Puffverse’s Puff Football NFTs and the IGO points within PuffGo have received tremendous response. The company’s creation of a cloud computing platform will help improve all-inclusive gaming exposure within the open metaverse. 

In the opinion of the Co-Founder and COO of Puffverse, Lya L, the shifting of Puffverse to the Ronin blockchain was a planned and calculated move for making their 3D universe available to Web2 and Web3 users. 

Recently, Puffverse collaborated with Ragnarok, Kaidro, and the Fight League.

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