Pulse Network: Transforming the Healthcare Industry With Blockchain and AI Technologies

The medical care sector is evolving rapidly, with new breakthroughs being delivered continually. This is enabled by the deliberate application of technology throughout the industry by medical practitioners, healthcare facilities, and other institutions. This dedication and willingness to collaborate has allowed the medical care sector to consistently advance treatments, therapies, medications, and diagnosis, among others. Various institutions and individuals have been able to deliver useful solutions that have greatly improved the lives of billions of people worldwide. This relentless journey continues as all stakeholders continue to work towards improving the well-being of human beings. Pulse Network is leading the charge with its technological solutions aimed at enhancing the provision of medical care.

What Is Pulse Network?

Pulse Network is a Blockchain-based platform that seeks to become the leading provider of advanced medical care by providing novel solutions. They are focused on creating a robust medical data repository that helps bridge the industry’s glaring gap between knowledge and expertise. The platform is purposely built on the Polkadot Blockchain to allow the decentralized collection, storage, and sharing of medical data in a safe, secure, and cost-effective manner. By being on the Blockchain, the platform is easily accessible to everyone worldwide. As such, patients, doctors, researchers, and health facilities can gain access to huge volumes of medical data to help in the diagnosis and treatment of various ailments.

One of the main goals of governments and international organizations like the United Nations (UN) has been to improve human wellbeing through proper medical care. However, this goal has been quite elusive as the medical sector struggles with various challenges, such as access to the latest information and developments in the field. Also, patients continue to struggle with lack of access to proper treatment, misdiagnosis, and poor facilities. These issues are more pronounced in marginalized areas and developing countries.

How Pulse Network Improves Medical Care Globally

Therapies, medicines, and medical technologies are rapidly changing, but access to such information is limited. Only a small proportion of medical practitioners and institutions can keep up with such advancements due to their proximity and convenient access. Mostly, they are from developed countries, a factor which contributes to their high medical wellbeing. However, for the vast majority of the world population, these developments take ages to catch on and oftentimes maybe a little too late. For instance, as we have seen with the coronavirus outbreak, the fast dissemination of information and directives from health experts has helped curb the disease’s spread. But, in all fairness, the response has not been fast enough, resulting in millions of deaths across the globe.

Pulse Network is specifically built to help doctors in their daily operations and allow the medical sector to handle serious medical issues like the coronavirus outbreak. At its core, Pulse Network is a decentralized repository for medical data whereby both patients and medical practitioners can input data. This data is secured cryptographically by the Polkadot protocol ensuring that once the input enters will not be changed, deleted, or manipulated in any way. This protects the sanctity of the information gathered by the platform.

Pulse Network has integrated artificial intelligence (AI) technology that allows the platform to analyze the huge volumes of data fed into the repository. This, in turn, helps doctors make a more accurate diagnosis by making comparisons with previous cases, their prescriptions, and treatments, among others. They can also rely on previous data on the platform to diagnose some special ailments that usually go undetected or misdiagnosed.

Pulse AI integration is also useful for detecting patterns by analyzing data from patients and clustering it across given categorizations like location, gender, age, and type. Such tools will help medical practitioners identify potential disease outbreaks early to observe trends and spread them. In this respect, Pulse Network will help curtail the spread of diseases like coronavirus in the future. Most importantly, the platform can leverage its AI to provide recommendations on the best courses of action in the spread of such disease.

Looking Forward

Pulse Network will play a key role in advancing medical care globally by bringing together all the elements of the healthcare system and leveraging rich data to provide timely solutions. More importantly, the platform will help in the quick dissemination of new research findings, medications, and therapies across the world to improve humankind’s wellbeing. It will ensure people have equal access to reliable health information irrespective of their location. This will ultimately improve response in diagnosis, prescriptions, and outbreaks through collaborative efforts on the platform.

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