Puma Reserves ENS Domain as It Enters the NFT Space

The NFT industry is witnessing a strong wave of brands getting on board. Nike and Adidas recently joined the space through their NFT collection. Puma has now also joined the list by reserving an ENS domain that goes as Puma.eth.

Metaverse appears to be gaining popularity and there is no doubt about it. Many brands are expected to follow the trend after three major sports companies have taken a step in this direction.

Puma Joins Competitors In The NFT Space

Adidas entered into the space of NFT by launching its NFT collection while Nike purchased RTFKT to mark its presence in the industry. RTFKT is a metaverse fashion brand that recently became a part of Nike’s NFT aspirations.

Many brands are turning to the NFT and Web3 space, signaling a brighter future for the industry. Others remain dubious even though the adoption goes viral among reputed companies.

Puma took to Twitter to announce its ENS domain, Puma.eth. The company has registered it for six months and it is valid till October 2022 only. In the same post, Puma teased its partnership with Gutter Cat Gang NFT.

The same was done by Gutter Cat Gang NFT on its official Twitter handle.

Puma has also gone ahead to collaborate with Magnus Carlsen, a Norwegian-based chess master. Magnus Carlsen recently stole the spotlight by purchasing a virtual land in The Sandbox. He also brought the chess world to Web3.

Puma.eth published a tweet to welcome Magnus Carlsen to its family of the metaverse. The tweet teased with a line stating Let’s run on @chess24com some time.

NFT portfolio of Puma has already been termed as impressive. It consists of 17 NFTs as of the time of writing. Every NFT is on an animal-based theme.

Its NFT portfolio includes Gutter Cat #1110, Lazy Lion NFT, Kuddle Koala NFT, and Cool Cats NFT. Surprisingly, the collection misses out on some of the famous animal-themed collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club, in addition to CryptoPunks and CyberKongz.

Details about other collections are yet to be revealed by Puma. From the available information, it can be said that Puma landed Gutter Cat #1110 for a price that can be said to be decent as per the industry standards.

Puma got Gutter Cat #1110 for 7.25 ETH, a figure that equals $18,494 at the time of writing. The company has so far spent $250 as gas fees and holds $27,449 worth of Ethereum in its Crypto wallet.

The interaction of Puma has solely been with OpenSea, a secondary marketplace.

As more details are awaited, one thing that can be said for sure is that the NFT industry will see many more participants getting onboard. Major brands are already leading the way with many more to follow.

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