Pundi X boosts XPOS with cutting-edge Solana integration

The most notable player in the industry of blockchain-based point-of-sale systems, Pundi X, just updated its XPOS system with the integration of the Solana blockchain. This move is a significant step in increasing the effectiveness of decentralized payment systems.

Pundi X Chain community members were asked to vote before Pundi X’s blockchain was integrated into Solana. This proved the company’s dedication to democratic decision-making. Solana has undoubtedly earned the respect of everyone in the crypto industry by being recognized as a highly influential token and forming a strong network.

Through this adoption, the Pundi X team aims to boost transaction speed, scalability, and effectiveness on the network while simultaneously giving end users the much-needed secure and swift transaction experience.

The collaboration from Solana Blockchain’s advanced technology allows the XPOS platform to conduct swift transactions, thus solving the delay issue often observed in the traditional payment system. Furthermore, it permits merchants and customers to operate with stablecoins on Solana’s blockchain, which boasts low fees compared to other payment methods.

In the latest interview, Zac Cheah, a double-hatted Co-founder and the CEO of Pundi X, stressed that the company is committed to expanding the adoption of blockchain. He stated that their plan to integrate Solana into their XPOS platform shows their commitment to the objective. Individually with the community, they are using the network of Solana’s blockchain quickly, effectively, and even cheaper to pay.

Pundi X is a pioneer in the blockchain revolution, looking to tackle operational-level problems by developing practical solutions focusing on blockchain. The latest move by Pundi X, adding Solana to their XPOS suite, is evidence of how the company always tries to build broad adoption of blockchain technology in day-to-day trade.

This innovation provided a new criterion for incorporating cryptocurrencies into existing conventional economic mechanisms, which ultimately expanded the horizon of the global payment system to a high level of interconnection and streamlining.

Roxanne Williams

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