Purple Penguin Partners With Zone Six to Create Unique Games

Purple Penguin and Zone Six have entered into a partnership agreement wherein Purple Penguin has gained access to the passion and skills of Zone Six. The aim is to create many metaverse-based games to bridge the gap between entertainment and social good.

The partnership agreement takes their long-term relationship a step forward. By leveraging the passion and skills of Zone Six, Purple Penguin looks to create purposeful games filled with fun for the players. Zone Six was finalized for the partnership as it extended a supporting hand to assist eco-conservation through Ocean Assist DAO on the XRP blockchain.

The final output of the partnership between Purple Penguin and Zone Six is to come up with collaborative games in a plate-focused ecosystem, which is expected to feature:

  • Peer-to-Peer tournaments and challenges with Mana Games
  • Zone Six designed games
  • Challenges to reward the community through Gamerhash limited events
  • Pepper pioneered NFT mining through a guild and free eco-friendly approach
  • Esports gaming for tournaments and events
  • Wondr Gaming Reward and Gamelancer’s streamers system

Additionally, Zone Six is taking its partner back to 2003 when Second Life was a trademark for coolness in the gaming industry. Second Life is still believed to be the first metaverse experience to have existed before social media.

Second Life was launched in 2003 by Linden Lab to enable players to build anything they wanted while interacting with other players. They had full control over the mechanism of building a new environment around their virtual character and choosing interactions.

Zone Six has unlocked that door again to feature a giant igloo-seum for its community to display the collection of NFTs, party at virtual events, and hang out with other characters.

Second Life continues to go strong with approximately 2 billion in user creations and an annual GDP of $650 million. Millions of people still enjoy engaging with the game.

A turn came for the game in 2019 when it unveiled Tilia to power its virtual economy. Tilia is a registered money services business that is licensed to transmit money. Another turn came in 2021 when Zone Six created XLinden to bridge the gap between the metaverse of Second Life and Web3. XLinden was an experimental coin created specifically for the XRP community.

Some additional builds that are currently in progress include:-

  • The Moon themed sky lounge can be accessed by rocket elevator between downtown and suburbia
  • The Future Island consisting Volcano Nightclub, Commercial space for sale or lease, and Ocean Assist submerged lounge

Updates come with a commitment that players would never run out of places to explore as the ecosystem houses thousands of virtual experiences and communities, including roleplaying communities, music clubs, and virtual cinemas, among many others.

Players can shop for home decor, fashion, and many more categories in the Second Life Marketplace, where anyone can create to monetize their creations to earn real profits.

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