Push Protocol announces partnership with dApp Store Kit

Push Protocol has published an official blog post to announce that it has partnered with dApp Store Kit. The partnership comes at a crucial time when dApp Store Kit is looking to offer its user an enhanced experience. For Push Protocol, the partnership brings two major benefits: a chance to integrate with dApp storefronts and exposure to the users of Polygon, who range in millions of numbers.

Specifically, Push Protocol has been chosen as a tool to better the communication segment in dApp Store Kit. This means that the integration will be majorly in the department that allows builders to connect with users. The partnership will see Push bring functionalities like Push Chat, Push Notification, and Wallet-to-Wallet Video Chat, something that has seen the light in recent days. The feature enables users to communicate with others through video chatting.

Push Notifications will be leveraged by builders to share the updates that they roll out for the dApps. Also, Push Notifications can be used to share details about upcoming events or a new feature. One can look at it from the traditional perspective where centralized applications, downloaded from stores like Google & Apple, use the functionality in their favor.

Food delivery apps, for instance, use push notifications to tell their users that the food has been picked up or delivered by their delivery representative.

Instant Chat is more likely to be used by the developers themselves to allow users to connect with them instantly in a situation where they need help. Quick access to the support system provides a guarantee that users have not been left stranded by developers amid the problems.

This goes a step forward with Video Chat; however, it is more directed to assist users in situations that require physical demonstration to solve a problem.

Social Features like Group Chat will help users build a community on the platform through forums or chat rooms. This can also be understood from the traditional perspective of centralized applications that enable users to create a group and connect with like-minded people from across the globe. Forum hits since people can continue expressing their opinion without staying connected to the user who started the thread.

Lastly, the Feedback System can be integrated to seek reviews and ratings from the users. This helps improve the quality and performance of decentralized applications.

Web3 is around the corner, and partnerships like these are coming up with the objective of seamlessly onboarding a large number of users. Plus, they are likely to compete with big names like Google and Apple in the days to come.

Push Protocol has expressed its excitement in the blog post and said that it looks forward to providing communication solutions along with a wide range of features to users.

dApp Store Kit is an open-to-all platform where users can pitch in to build their own dApp store in Web3. Stores built in the Kit gain access to every dApp that is listed on EVM and Polygon. dApps built in Kit are at liberty to have their own rules for curation, monetization, and distribution, to mention a few.

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