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Push protocol delivers its wallet-to-wallet video chat

Push protocol delivers its wallet-to-wallet video chat

Push Protocol takes an immense amount of pleasure in the formal deliverance of its Push Video, which happens to be the very first wallet-to-wallet video chat. This will provide the Web3 users the opportunity of being able to carry out video chatting amongst themselves, and that too live. 

In the month of January 2022, the entity started off with Push Notifications on Ethereum. Following that, it moved on to Polygon, as well as the BNB Chain. It was in the month of November 2022 that the entity carried out the deliverance of Push Chat, which happened to have been their wallet-to-wallet messaging protocol. At the present moment in time, Push Protocol has been instrumental in boosting more than thirty million messages, in the case of more than 85,000 users and over 500 incorporations. Now it happens to be the turn of Push Video.

In the present scenario, the Web3 social media, as well as the chat ecosystem, seems to be moving forward in leaps and bounds. However, Push Protocol has had its unwavering focus on the Push Video. The decentralized video happened to have been in existence in the form of a natural part of the Web3 communication arena while the Push Notification was at play. It was in Bogota and at Polygon Connect that a sneak peek was offered to the community of the Push Video. It was something on which the work was going on at that time. With Push Video now in place, they will have been successful in expanding the ecosystem of decentralized social networking. 

For Push Protocol, Push Video happens to be the second and prime social networking product. The development of products will continue for them. Fresh features will be introduced, such as group and streaming. All of the products will be grouped by the basic notification layer that they have created and upgraded. They will also be delivering the Push Developer Video SDK shortly. 

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