Push Protocol is Now Available on Polygon

With the introduction of Push Protocol, formerly Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS), hundreds of Polygon decentralized applications and many active users now have easy access to web3-native communications.

Push may now be integrated into Polygon applications, routes can now be launched, and client alerts can now be enabled thanks to the Push Protocol’s activation on Polygon’s public blockchain. To enable users to start subscribing to active channels and choosing to receive updates when specific on-chain or off-chain criteria are fulfilled, Push Protocol will soon announce launching partners. A group of layer 2 protocols known as Polygon—previously known as Matic Network—are supported by an ecosystem of cutting-edge applications.

With an array of options, Polygon aims to address the fundamental issues with conventional blockchain designs while enhancing the end-user interaction to facilitate the broad acceptance of web3 goods and services. With the introduction of Push Protocol, previously EPNS, on Polygon, the poor communication between applications and consumers will be addressed, assisting the Polygon ecosystem in enhancing the web3 customer experience.

Over 37,000 applications are developed on Polygon, providing a huge chance to construct unique communication channels and consumer-based messaging that will benefit users, devs, and investors. Developers can quickly enable app-to-wallet connectivity and add a notification service to their Polygon-based application, just like other apps. Wallet-to-wallet connectivity is available for almost any purpose on Polygon.

Polygon has recently emerged as the preferred solution for web2-based organizations, like Meta, Adobe, Stripe, and Starbucks, to transition to web3. The innovative applications developed by these organizations can profit from Push Protocol’s versatile communication capabilities, which enable them to regulate communications while eliminating spam directly. Consumers anticipate that web3 apps will offer a similar level of the user interface to the ones they are accustomed to today. By utilizing Push Protocol, consumers engaging with applications on Polygon will get the same customer experience as they do on these sites.

Any wallet, application, smartphone app, and the plugin can get notifications from smart contracts on Polygon enabled by Push Protocol. Push launched its mainnet in January 2022. The system has since supported 17million alerts on over 100 channels to around 60,000 members, making it the leading decentralized communications network in web3.

Web3 is desperately lacking a core communication component, which Push Protocol fills. Push advances the services that many of us overlook by enabling immediate, direct alerts both inside the Polygon ecosystem as well as outside.

It is crucial to debut on the Polygon mainnet soon after the change in branding from EPNS to Push Protocol. The future of the internet depends on effective communication, and Push is fast spreading beyond the Ethereum platform and beyond automatic updates by creating the gaping hole in web3.

The service has just changed its name from EPNS to Push, signaling two changes and developments: a move further away from ETH and a shift from notifications to all other types of communication. Incorporating Push Protocols into Polygon is the company’s first step into multi-chain, and there will be additional news about systems and communication kinds shortly.

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