Explosive Growth Ahead: Pushd E-Commerce Set to Rival Amazon with Solid Backing from Chainlink & Algorand Investors

Crypto analysts always consider the potential future of different coins based on their past and current performance. Meanwhile, as Chainlink and Algorand navigate price fluctuations, Pushd emerges as a new player poised to solve the common problems faced in the e-commerce sector using blockchain technology.

Moreover, some crypto analysts predict explosive growth for Pushd as they consider its features and benefits. Meanwhile, Pushd e-commerce is set to rival Amazon, with solid backing from investors in notable cryptocurrencies like Chainlink and Algorand.

Chainlink Price Analysis

The cryptocurrency market saw a broad recovery surge after the Fourth Bitcoin Halving, with notable gains across major coins. With the market conditions so positive, the price of Chainlink surged from its support level of $12.75, rising 20% to reach $15.3. The downward trendline on the daily chart indicates a bearish near-term trend for the price of Chainlink. Due to the dynamic resistance, the currency value fell by 48%, from $22.8 to $11.78.

The price of Chainlink stopped reversing around $12.7, above the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement level, during the Bitcoin halving. This level is a critical support level for buyers to take back trend control. The price of Chainlink could increase by another 5% this week to retest the overhead trendline if the positive momentum continues. If this barrier is broken, it will indicate that the correction is coming to a conclusion and encourage buyers of a higher rally.

Algorand Price Analysis

Algorand’s price has been declining over the last several days, and the number of new addresses joining the network has significantly decreased, suggesting that investor interest in the project may be diminishing. The Moving Average, Convergence Divergence indicator, confirms the selling pressure on Algorand by issuing a bearish signal. Nevertheless, if the present downward pressure keeps building, the price may devalue towards a level of $0.18.

The Ichimoku Cloud indicator, which suggests underlying bullishness if Algorand is able to break through a particular level, is still rather bullish. There is a lot of uncertainty ahead for Algorand right now, and whether it can rise over this crucial level will depend on market dynamics and investor opinion.

Pushd E-Commerce Set To Rival Amazon With Solid Backing From Investors

In the current e-commerce sector, sellers frequently encounter difficulties related to exorbitant fees and protracted payment processing durations on sites such as eBay and Amazon. Sellers may now have a simplified experience with Pushd, free from the headache of drawn-out identity checks or postponed payments. Not only that, but Pushd also removes the necessity for vendors to modify their prices in an effort to pay high fees.

With the global e-commerce industry expected to reach a market value of over $6 trillion by 2024, Pushd plans to take advantage of this enormous development as it revolutionizes the online retail space. Furthermore, for $0.144 per token, the Pushd presale, presently at Stage 6, offers early adopters a tempting investment opportunity. Pushd seeks to encourage users with a finite supply of tokens.

Find out more about the Pushd presale by visiting the website here.

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