Pushd’s e-commerce presale draws strong demand from Aptos and Cosmos investors, betting on market resilience

The crypto market surged in Q1 this year. However, according to a top crypto analyst, the market is expected to correct, which means there will be a significant drop in assets’ value. Aptos and Cosmos are two tokens that could undergo correction. 

Due to this, their investors are looking towards Pushd for better investment opportunities. Its e-commerce presale is currently in stage six, and it is hoping to grow by over 60% in Q2. With the low price point during the presale, Pushd has become a lucrative investment opportunity for traders worldwide. 

Aptos is down by over 35% in the last 30 days

Aptos, a layer 1 Proof of Stake blockchain, has been down 35% in the last 30 days. Its current price is $9.66, with strong support at $8.9 and strong resistance at $9.8. However, Aptos has been doing great in the last 24 hours, with a 2% increase in value. The Relative Strength Index of Aptos is currently at 32 points, which indicates a neutral market sentiment.

However, the MACD, with a value of -1.48, indicates a strong sell signal. Thirteen more indicators point out that the selling pressure is currently higher for Aptos. This means that Aptos is bearish and will keep coming down. To protect themselves from this, Aptos holders are moving their funds into Pushd’s presale, hoping that this future blue-chip crypto will provide a better return on their investment. 

RSI indicating a sell signal for Cosmos

Cosmos is currently trading at $8.3 and has been consolidating at this level for the last 24 hours. It has been down by over 25% in the last 30 days, which is why its RSI, or Relative strength index, with a value of 30.4, indicates a Strong sell signal for investors. 

There haven’t been any significant developments in Cosmos, because of which its price is either holding its value or dipping down significantly. The MACD indicator also agrees with RSI and is showing a Sell signal on the daily time frame. However, on the hourly time frame, you’d see a Buy signal for swing traders. 

Even if the signal is to buy or sell, Cosmos investors have started selling out their holdings and buying into Pushd’s stage 6 presale. This project is all set to take the retail industry by storm.

Pushd charging towards a decentralized retail revolution

Pushd is charging towards revolutionizing the retail sector with its first-of-kind decentralized marketplace. This unique proposition has attracted the Aptos and Cosmos holders to buy as much as they can from Pushd’s e-commerce presale. This platform is making buying and selling easier with transparent transactions, immediate withdrawals and low fees.

Every experienced investor knows that investing in solid projects as early as possible increases the chances of significant gains. Currently, Pushd is in stage 6 of presale with a per-token value of only $0.144. This low price has also attracted investors, as Pushd tokens may not be available at this price ever again. Additionally, Pushd token holders will earn a revenue share of the platform fee according to the number of tokens they hold.

The platform also offers other utilities including a debit card allowing you to spend your funds from the Pushd wallet directly. It also includes a swap service for crypto with 0% commission and a Rewards program for users to complete certain tasks. All these features, along with the liquidity lock for 20 years, show how strong this project is with high growth potential.

To sign up for the presale of this future blue-chip cryptocurrency, click here.

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