PwC to train employees in the Blockchain technology

It was recently found that there are courses being taught on Blockchain and cryptocurrency in several prominent institutions across the world. However, lately, it has been found that one of the most prestigious auditing firms, PricewaterhouseCoopers, is also providing a course on Blockchain as a part of Digital skills. This program is aimed towards teaching the employees about Blockchain as well as other fields which are yet to establish themselves in the mainstream markets, that is, the fields that are still in a developing stage, blockchain technology is on such field that is developing and influencing the economy to a great extent.

According to the recent reports, it is being said that this course will go on for the duration of two years and is making an attempt to see to it that the employees can learn about various emerging technologies, right from Blockchain to 3D printers. This course aims at keeping the employees updated on the latest changes that have taken over the economic sector. This course aims to make the employees smarter about the use of technology and also see to it that there is the cost reduction for the various employees. It is being said that if the things are done by adopting digital technology than there is a chance that it would lead to a reduction in prices for the various consumers. According to the authorities within the firm, considering the competition that is raging in the market, it is advisable for the firm to see to it that their employees are better equipped with handling the expectations of several clients in the market. Being in touch with the latest technology is good for the firm as well as for the employees. Therefore, irrespective of the position held by the employee in the firm,  he/she will have to take up this course called “Digital Accelerator” that is divided into three categories, the employees will deal with Blockchain at the first level, at the second level, they will deal with concepts of augmented reality, and at the last level, the employees will deal with the concepts of artificial intelligence.

According to the authorities of the firm, following this course, the employees of the firm will deal with their responsibilities through the digital means. Moreover, several individuals are already applying to this program from across the world. There is flexibility in the manner in which the classes will be taken, for example, they can be taken at the location along with the option for the training to take place virtually.


It is no secret that cryptocurrency is on the field that is making it’s rapidly in the market, as a result, several business schools are providing courses in the blockchain technology. This is because those who are well equipped with the dynamics of Blockchain technology are being chased by employers. It has, therefore, become essential for those looking for good jobs in the sector to be efficient in the blockchain technology.

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