QANplatform debuts quantum-safe, multi-lang testnet

QANplatform, a prominent player in blockchain technology, has recently launched its groundbreaking testnet. With this breakthrough, being the first of its quantum-resistant kind, the technology is both quantum-resistant and compatible with Ethereum’s blockchain. It is a remarkable milestone that developers can now build smart contracts using any programming language, which was impossible in the industry.

The launch of QANplatform’s testnet is a considerable step in the course of the EU member state as an implementer of the quantum-resistant technology of the company. This follows their previous release, QAN Private Blockchain or Enterprise Blockchain, in September 2023. The QAN TestNet, which was recently launched, acts as a preliminary version of the soon-to-be-released QAN MainNet and showcases considerable improvement towards enhancing the Web3 environment.

QAN TestNet is special because it ensures quantum-proof security and supports Ethereum’s Virtual Machine (EVM) and writing smart contracts using any programming language supported by the Linux kernel. This groundbreaking approach could catalyze web3 technology to be readily available to a much broader developer community, which is believed to be over 28 million. It goes beyond the boundaries of typical blockchain platforms that may only allow the usage of a few programming languages.

The platform is enabled by the QAN Virtual Machine (QVM), which makes it possible to develop smart contracts using different languages. This solves the challenge of smart contracts development. Therefore, it is available to experienced programmers and novices, and its no-code studio features it. This studio allows users to make smart contracts quickly – in just a few minutes, without programming skills.

QANplatform, as a platform, gives security and follows the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recommendations. This is executed by using the CRYSTALS-Dilithium algorithm in QAN chain development. Through this feature, QANplatform guarantees the safe transactions against risks from quantum computing advancements with still the compatibility of the platform with Ethereum EVM. This not only protects QANplatform but also allows users to operate in a secure environment.

During an interview, Johann Polecsak, one of the co-founders and CTO of QANplatform, disclosed the dev stage and provided his professional views. He emphasized that developing a blockchain that can withstand future challenges, including quantum attacks, and also addresses current market issues like high barriers for developers and enterprises is a considerable task that requires great effort. On top of that, he was talking about Ethereum compatibility, which should be in place to allow Ethereum to connect with the solutions that already exist easily. The team’s ability to beat the challenges as a result is a sign that QANplatform has made great progress.

While the testnet of QANplatform is a milestone that not only showcases the platform’s distinctive features but also sets the pace for a more inclusive, safe, and adaptable blockchain ecosystem, it is also the most significant milestone. Such a move is anticipated to bring a revolution in the blockchain market, with more developers being attracted and innovations being developed in implementing blockchain technology.

Trevor Holman

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