QASH : A Native Cryptocurrency for the Quoine Liquid Platform

QUOINE is a top fintech company that provides trading, exchange, and next-generation financial services powered by blockchain technology. They strongly trust cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will shape the future of financial services. QASH is the native currency for the Quoine Liquid platform. Simply Quoine solves the liquidity problems that rise with crypto investments. All people who invested in cryptocurrency would have experienced these liquidity problems since the majority of people treat cryptocurrency as an investment. Liquid assets can be hard to sell quickly because of the lack of ready and willing investors.

Quoine Liquid brings the availability of liquid assets to the cryptocurrency space through which you can easily buy cryptocurrency and cash-out to fiat. It provides a trading platform that bridges the worlds of fiat and crypto.

Currently, each crypto exchange has its level of liquidity that varies between the trading pairs it offers. This creates individual silos that may have great liquidity on one exchange but not on another. The Liquid platform connects these silos into one merged pool to give you the great liquidity possible. A highly liquid market would allow one to sell without price fluctuations. To do this, Quoine Liquid encircles two main offerings: World Book and Prime Brokerage.

Liquid by Quoine offers crypto’s first multi-market order-book that will combine all the existing order book of various crypto exchanges into one big tradable list, known as the World Book. There are different types of currencies available worldwide to purchase cryptocurrencies. Other than major currencies pairs like USD, EUR, JPY, and KRW the rest of currencies do not have much liquidity due to the absence of exchanges. The world book aims to solve this problem by bridging existing exchanges to create one big platform by connecting different markets into one single portal.

The world book consists of An External World and Internal World Book. In short, the World book contains a mixture of all orders that would exist on the market from all cryptocurrency exchanges.

The World Book uses three primary functions to provide a high level of liquidity. They are as follows:

Matching Engine (ME) – It can process millions of transaction per second. It is one of the most advanced matching machines in the industry.

Cross Currency Conversion Engine (CCCE) – This part of the world book will automatically convert all available currencies to local pairs for the individual trader based on real-time Forex Data. It performs instant conversion between currencies.

Smart Order Routing (SOR) – It provides low latency and real-time feeds for all major exchanges around the world. It also automatically routes orders to see if there is a match available on these exchanges.

The Prime Brokerage gives you access to the features explained in the previous World Book section. With Prime Brokerage, you can have direct market access to all exchanges available in the World Book without having to create an account on each exchange. You can also extend a credit line and leverage trades using your existing balances.

QASH is an ERC20 token you use to pay for services on the Liquid platform. Beyond that, QASH holders may also get discounts, promotional products, and ICO investment opportunities with coins that Quoine helps to launch. The team also explains in their whitepaper that other companies may use it for their purposes.

The team minted 1,000,000,000 QASH with 350,000,000 (35%) distributed to ICO participants. Of the remaining tokens:

  • 300,000,000 QASH (30%) are allocated to the community/ecosystem
  • 200,000,000 QASH (20%) belong to the team and shareholders
  • Strategic partners and institutional buyers hold 150,000,000 QASH (15%)

Mike Kayamori (CEO) and Mario Gomez Lozada (President and CTO) founded Quoine in 2014. Quoine is the first cryptocurrency firm in the world to be officially licensed by the Japan Financial Services Agency (FSA). Since Quoine entered the financial sector, the company has few competitors like Binance, SALT, Robinhood but Quoine is unique in offering all functionality through one platform.

QASH had an uncomfortable start since it began trading in November 2017. After the Initial coin offering (ICO), the price of the coin raised to a high of $1.48 (0.00013 BTC) before slowly falling to about $0.60 (~0.00004 BTC) by the middle of December.

QASH experienced two noteworthy increase in price– one in the middle of December after reaching a low point and the other one is at the beginning of January.

QASH which remained bottomed out throughout 2018 but recently it has shown a rise in value. The coin raised about $0.20 (~0.000035 BTC) in the middle of November and currently at just over $0.22 (~0.000055 BTC). It has only a 10 percent gain in the US, but that accounts for almost 60 percent rise in BTC. The release of Liquid blockchain and adding Liquid users should potentially increase the price value.

Among the total, more than 2000 available cryptocurrencies listed in Coinmarketcap QASH is in 122nd rank. It can be purchased directly on Liquid, but you can mainly use JPY or USD to purchase QASH. QASH is traded with a much higher volume on Huobi. It is to be noted that you should first buy Ethereum or Bitcoin using an exchange that deals in US dollars such as Gemini or GDAX.

QASH can be stored in any wallet with ERC20 token support. If you are looking for more security, you should purchase a hardware wallet.

Remember the Quoine team is planning to move QASH onto its own blockchain. When this happens, the wallet may not support the token so be aware of all QASH announcements.

QASH is a solution to one of the biggest issues in the crypto economy: liquidity. The team seems to have some serious partnerships to be successful. QUOINE has strong relationships with many of the world’s top financial institutions, and exchanges. With an official blockchain launch in development, Quoine will easily change the cryptocurrency industry for the better.

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