Qash (QASH) Introduced the Liquid exchange but Doubt About Liquidity

Qash hasn’t exactly been crushing the price growth charts as of late, but in a world where everything can decline by 20% instantly, this doesn’t sound like to say the worst has started. The month of August was observed with $0.22/2912 satoshi before a slash on the 14th which drove the currency cutting down to $0.14/2329 satoshi. This move is evidence of positive price run which eventually led to Qash reaching monthly soaring high of $0.23/3547 Satoshi on the 24th.

The month of September analyzed the currency’s USD value as high as at $0.24, with BTC deciding to mostly remain floated above 3100 satoshi. At that time, you could have purchased a single Qash for the price of $0.218031 USD (3.30% drop in the last 24 hours)/3299 Satoshi (0.60% drop in the last 24 hours). Let us not forget that the coin is hardly being exchanged with its regularly trade volume standing at 105 BTC. With a market cap of stands at $74,810,994, Qash is the 80th most valuable cryptocurrencies on the market.

With its parent company, QUOINE has been busy for the last couple of weeks. The project officially announced at the end of August 2018 that they officially merged with their erstwhile crypto exchanges Quionex (introduced in 2014) and Qryptos (introduced in 2017) into a single new exchange namely Liquid. Those users who had accounts on either of the erstwhile exchanges had their holdings moved onto Liquid accounts. With this, these accounts are accessible with users’ original credentials.

Liquid is actively focused on crypto exchange liquidity, having said that if one exchange experiences a loss of liquidity, Liquid helps bridge the gap and let the exchange borrow funds from another exchange that has an excess of liquid funds. The platform excitedly taking over a law-abiding approach form the start, thereby ensuring that they acquired all the mandatory licenses before initiating their trading activities.

On the technical aspect’s front, Liquid’s core features include an internal order book namely “the World Book”, regulatory-friendly trading platform (licensed by the Japan Financial Services Agency and audited by Deloitte), margin trading with 2-25x leverage, a refreshed user interface, and security measures designed to protect users’ assets and data. With this, Qash, the platform’s official token, with the project’s approval that a rebrand will come “shortly after launch”.

Let us not forget that everyone is not impressed with these latest developments. Reddit user EroticBean criticizes the perspective and said that “They can barely get the latest airdrop done, let alone make a new revised roadmap. God the amount of red flags missed this year are staggering. From exchanges dropping out to countless delays, to the miss communication and dead sub-Reddit that only had fruitful news once a month. Liquid exchange only accounts for 3% of Qash volume, our partner EXX is only one massively trading this shit token. So even the Japanese don’t give a shit about Qash. But you know what they will always think they are hot shit since they raised so much ICO money. They will blame the market fluctuates, rather than how they performed throughout the year.”

Amid this, the prevalent issues with the exchange’s stability and the lack of a mobile app, the Liquid team are taking initial steps to confirm the issues and suggestions as they’ve come up with an official Reddit thread to log community feedback. On the whole, the project introduced its official merged exchange platform but not more changes have been observed so far. With the low volume on the exchange, stability issues and a deficiency of a clearer roadmap for the future (banking license in Q3 2019 and Qash blockchain in Q2 of 2019 with some service expansion planned beforehand are all that we know so far) is a drawback from the community’s point of view. Quoine and Liquid team have already acquired to do well to actively respond towards these issues and fix them sooner!!


Shalin Soni

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