Qtum (QTUM) Price Analysis: After a Rapid Gain Qtum Seems Stable

Qtum (QTUM) is an open-sourced platform which focuses more on blockchain technology and decentralized apps (dApps). Qtum is said to be one of the few cryptocurrencies which are both value transfer program and smart contract platform. Qtum works as a hybrid coin which can support not only dApps but also smart contracts. Qtum is based on PoS (Proof-of-Stake) platform and has a Decentralized Governance Protocol (DGP), which allows the smart contracts to modify some specific blockchain settings.

Qtum (QTUM) is 29th largest cryptocurrency in the market, and it has market capitalization value of 239,348,657 USD and price of each coin stands at 2.68 USD at 03:45 UTC on March 29, 2019. The current price of Qtum concerning Bitcoin price is 0.00065794. The 24h Volume at the same UTC stands at 267,592,461 USD.

QtumAs per the data of Coinmarketcap, the total circulation capacity of Qtum is 101,357,520 coins whereas 89,357,520 coins are now in the market. The value of Qtum has not gained like its other peers. It has an ROI (Return on Investment) in negative 58.12 %.

Qtum started the year with a market capitalization of 192,543,687 USD and reached its zenith point on March 14 at 249,665,596 USD. The lowest point was seen on February 7 at 153,665969 USD. The low point in February did not occur all of a sudden; it was more of a gradual de-growth. The current Market cap is almost 55.75% more than the value of February 7.

Qtum’s price in USD started the year with 2.16. However, the USD graph was never stable for Qtum. The lowest point was seen on February 7 at 1.74 USD, and with the effect of market cap increment, the price in USD also reached its highest point on March 14 at 2.80 USD. The coin’s price now seems more stable than any part of this year. The current price in USD is almost 54.02% more than the price it reached on February 7 after a huge paradigm shift.

After a rough phase in 2018, Qtum has gained its pace in 2019. With some downward movement and abrupt rise, the price now seems more stable than ever. After the long stretched crypto winter, the value of Qtum has been gradually growing. The coin’s price abruptly fell only to rise again to its maximum on March 14, and it will retain its value for some time now. As per QTum coin prediction, the coin may reach as high as 8.2 USD by the end of 2019, which is almost four times of growth. So, the investors who have been with this coin are advised to hold it for some time more; it will surely give the results which have been expected of it.

It is still unclear about the cryptocurrencies way out of crypto winter. Qtum and investors could not sustain the sudden growth are truly worried about the future. But, it is not limited to Qtum only. So, before anticipating anything worse, investors should hold their investment tight to be able to see real growth.

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