Quant introduces a fresh price structure for Overledger

Quant brings in its latest price structure for Overledger, targeting enterprise IT and builders to execute blockchain technology related to digital asset policy. The updates made on the Overledger blockchain platform have been created to support enterprise project teams, as well as architects and builders belonging to every sector. This is regarding trying out, developing, and positioning the interoperable distributed ledger technology favored by central and private banks and business houses to speed up their digital asset policy.

Presently, Overledger is accessible through an active, unlimited, time-free strategy for enabling institutions to incorporate a technology that has increased acceptance and brought about fresh avenues for revenue generation. Added to that is creating further effectiveness in complicated workflows, lessening legacy costs, and allowing connectivity with fresh markets and customers.

It is a well-thought-out strategy, allowing IT end users and builders to try out their concepts, set up business applications, link their present mechanisms, and tokenize, followed by introducing interoperable digital assets.

For positioning on a mainnet blockchain, operating more complicated proofs of concept, and projects with various networks, Overledger provides two of their latest self-serve SaaS plans. They come for $179 and $379 monthly.

It is not possible for the two plans to serve certified financial bodies and central banks or offer limited functions. There is also the charging in terms of transaction and volume. However, they are accessible with a monthly fee, bringing about transparency on customer costs and IT budgets.

According to the founder and CEO, Gilbert Verdian, their strategies address the requirements of the IT sector, which is a speedy go-to-market for enterprise IT. Along with that are the builders who can select their favored technology.

In the words of Head of Product, Natasha Boyton, Overledger’s role is to simplify the process of extracting the potential of blockchain technology, which was otherwise an extremely difficult task.

Overledger has introduced new functions such as blockchain-as-a-service, which eases the use of the method for users to operate their own exclusive blockchain testing space safely and privately.

The smart contract API is not just for Quant-offered smart contracts. Added to that is transaction signing, which is built at the platform level, followed by the agents, with Make and Zapier incorporations being accessible for Overledger. This allows code-free automation with every blockchain.

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