QuarkChain Partners With Chainlink For Advancing Blockchain App Industry

As per the latest reports, QuarkChain has formed a partnership with Chainlink to integrate its prominent oracle technology into its flexible and high throughput sharding technology. The integration will help them provide the developers as well as enterprises with an enhanced experience when it comes to the development of smart contracts. The update was officially announced on Twitter by QuarkChain on 25th July after which they published an official blog post on Medium the following day to share more details.

Thanks to the integration with Chainlink, the developers on the network of QuarkChain will be able to seamlessly connect their smart contracts and dApps to the external data. It will also help them explore a wide range of industry applications hassle-freely which will eventually help advance the blockchain space as a whole.

The Founder-CEO of QuarkChain, Dr. Qi Zhou, took the opportunity to praise Chainlink’s technical expertise and portfolio. He thinks Chainlink as a leader in the industry of blockchain while acknowledging their work with tech giants like Google in the space of real-world blockchain apps. He said that they’re honored to work with such an excellent entity for expanding their capabilities of smart contracts above the on-chain transactions to tap into additional areas of their user’s everyday lives.

The post detailed that oracles connect smart contracts with data to trigger them. These data include even the data from the external world, such as APIs and off-chain data. Oracles then execute smart contracts once their conditions are satisfied. Many decentralized apps on blockchain require smart contracts which call the off-chain data for realizing the transactions. However, if the data is obtained improperly through an untrustworthy oracle system, then it is neither secure nor reliable.

Depending on sharding technology and sharding elements’ customizability, QuarkChain achieves flexibility and increased throughput. The firm is known to offer targeted solutions to big enterprises while fulfilling the SME’s needs of customized shards.

Chainlink, on the other hand, has been into blockchain oracles development for years now. It has worked with notable companies including Oracle, Google, and SWIFT (the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications). It’s an oracle network, thoroughly decentralized, allowing smart contracts to access web APIs, off-chain data, as well as conventional bank payments in the most secure way.

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