BlockDAG Network’s 1 billion coins sellout stuns Retik Finance and InQubeta

Given the climbing adoption rates of cryptocurrencies, people are still determining where the market will go next. Meanwhile, Retik Finance (RETIK) seeks to fuse digital currencies with conventional finance. Conversely, having grasped the reasons for the widespread use of cryptocurrencies for routine transactions, BlockDAG (BDAG) initiates a $2 million mega giveaway after a 1 billion coin sellout in batch 1 presale.

Moreover, the growing allure of InQubeta is slowing down as analysts predict that BlockDAG Network could reach the moon before any ongoing presale project.

Will Retik Finance Keep its Pace?

Retik Finance (RETIK) differentiates itself from the plethora of fashionable cryptocurrency currencies by providing an inventive environment. Fundamentally, the platform offers a DeFi debit card programme that ties traditional banking and the cryptocurrency world together. The presale phases for Retik Finance had a high amount of interest; they sold out, raising over $1 million in only nine days. Since then, the project’s momentum has exceeded, gaining almost $26 million in a few weeks.

Retik Finance

BlockDAG Network Develops Easy Earning Streams

BlockDAG raised $1 million in a single day. The increasing interest of investors and the rapid sellout of 1 billion BDAG coins pushed BlockDAG to the 2nd presale batch within no time.  Currently trading at $0.0015, the project has already given back 50% ROI to the early investors.

Along with its ongoing presale, BlockDAG has initiated a $2 million Mega Giveaway competition. By the end of the giveaway, 50 lucky community members will gain massive cash prizes. To participate in the giveaway, participants should make sure that they follow the social media channels, submit their wallet address, increase their chances by completing all the quests, and bring friends for extra entries.


Looking at the increasing demand for BlockDAG and its innovative roadmap, analysts are predicting a remarkable future for the project. Some analysts predict BDAG Coin will hit the $1 mark before its rivals like Retik Finance and InQubeta. Given the potential, BlockDAG miners will get daily rewards of up to $100 from the BlockDAG X100 home mining rig once BlockDAG hits the market. Moreover, users’ early purchase of the mining equipment allows them to resell it on other sites for a profit.

BlockDAG Network

InQubeta’s Future of DeFi with AI Startup

Since its current presale, InQubeta has seen rapid growth and has drawn interest from a wide range of cryptocurrency investors. With over 630 million tokens purchased by investors, InQubeta has been more in demand and was regarded as one of the top DeFi ventures until the arrival of BlockDAG.

With equity-based fractionalized NFTs, InQubeta provides a unique option for people to participate in AI businesses and projects. With this strategy, new businesses may produce NFTs, split them into fractions, and put them in well-known NFT marketplaces.

Understanding Cryptos for Everyday Use

With an innovative and community-driven approach, BlockDAG has left its contenders like Retik Finance and InQubeta behind. Its recent 1 billion coin sellout in the first presale batch and a $2 million Mega Giveaway signal its rapid ascent.

While InQubeta boasts AI-driven DeFi innovations, BlockDAG’s innovative strides and swift growth overshadow its allure. Analysts predict BlockDAG Network’s ascent before its rivals, with BDAG Coin potentially hitting the $1 milestone early.


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