Quencies to Let NFT Users Create Marketplace Against Crypto

Quencies has recently announced their unique NFT platform will help users to use different Blockchain technologies. Their NFT platform is one of its kind digital marketplaces in Great Britain, created by a group of passionate tech enthusiasts keen on building a transparent platform for everyone.

The company wants to connect with social media influencers, artists, and creators who can upload their art and sell them as a part of digital assets to increase its value in the future. Quencies has built the NFT Blockchain technology using robust protocols, ensuring reliable systems, and building trust. Users can directly purchase QUE coins and use them for transaction purposes.

Quencies, with its highly transparent and unique product, turned out to be the only NFT platform allowing users to get benefits from NFT on multiple Blockchain technologies. This could be a wonderful experience for users as most of the NFT platforms enable users to seek help from Ethereum and Binance.

Over the years, Non-Fungible Tokens have seen good popularity. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had sold his first tweet as NFT for $2.9 million. Every Bitcoin trader can buy and sell content in NFT the same way they do in Quencies. This platform allows creative people to upload multiple contents like artwork, graphic design, and music videos, where buyers can buy these uploads against crypto coins. It is a solid opportunity for creative people to sell their work without the intervention of a third party.

Turning NFT into a Mainstream Platform

Quencies has a desire to make NFT mainstream by targeting creators, social media influencers, and artists. The team has created a master plan to help both the users and the company achieve their goals. The company wants NFTs to be a mainstream platform. The company is working with graphic designers who will connect with Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities to create digital assets. Users will be able to stake QUE coins, monitor NFT, and not pay any fees for the transaction purpose.

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