QuickSwap considers grant for BuildrMetrics to enhance CLP tools

QuickSwap, a leading decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Polygon network, is debating whether to award a grant to BuildrMetrics to develop advanced Constant Product Market Maker (CLP) tools tailored for QuickSwap’s top three networks. The potential collaboration underscores QuickSwap’s commitment to enhancing liquidity provision and optimizing user trading experiences.

BuildrMetrics, a prominent analytics and development platform specializing in decentralized finance (DeFi) tools, has proposed building sophisticated CLP tools designed explicitly for QuickSwap’s most active networks. These tools aim to empower liquidity providers (LPs) with advanced analytics, risk management features, and optimization strategies to maximize their yield farming potential.

On the Polygon PoS network, QuickSwap V3 presently has $45 million in liquidity, $56 million less than Uniswap V3 on the same chain. With the proper implementations, QuickSwap is set to surpass Uniswap V3 in the next six months, thanks to the new products it has developed. More volume channeled from aggregators and other DeFi (decentralized finance) customers may result from more liquidity on QuickSwap.

BuildrMetrics currently has over 85,000 monthly page views and over 3,500 unique monthly users. These users could view QuickSwap pools on the “Pool Discovery” tab if QuickSwap were implemented on BuildrMetrics. Additionally, the liquidity providers who already use QuickSwap would be able to provide more precise yield estimates.

The proposal comes at a crucial juncture for QuickSwap as the DEX continues to experience rapid growth and increased competition within the DeFi space. QuickSwap seeks to maintain its competitive edge by equipping LPs with enhanced CLP tools while fostering deeper liquidity pools and tighter spreads across its top-performing networks.

The potential grant from QuickSwap to BuildrMetrics reflects DEX’s commitment to supporting innovative projects that contribute to the growth and sustainability of its ecosystem. By investing in developing cutting-edge CLP tools, QuickSwap aims to attract and retain liquidity providers, thereby enhancing overall platform liquidity and user experience.

While QuickSwap acknowledges the value proposition presented by BuildrMetrics, the decision to award the grant hinges on various factors, including the feasibility of implementation, potential impact on user engagement, and alignment with QuickSwap’s strategic objectives. The DEX evaluates the proposal in consultation with community stakeholders and core developers.

If approved, the grant would mark a significant milestone for BuildrMetrics and underscore QuickSwap’s role as a patron of innovation within the DeFi ecosystem. By providing financial support and resources to projects like BuildrMetrics, QuickSwap aims to foster a vibrant and sustainable DeFi landscape on the Polygon network and beyond.

As QuickSwap weighs its options, the broader DeFi community eagerly anticipates the potential outcomes of the proposed collaboration between QuickSwap and BuildrMetrics. With liquidity provision playing a critical role in the success of decentralized exchanges, developing advanced CLP tools could have far-reaching implications for the future of automated market-making and DeFi trading on QuickSwap’s platform.

Trevor Holman

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