Quintana Roo Uses Avalanche for Legislative Transparency

In an exciting implementation of Avalanche’s technology, the Mexican State of Quintana Roo has become the first Congress to use the digital certification technology for the process of its legislative documentation. The new system is based on file management and correspondence and ensures that the integrity and security of all the processes and data within the legislative structure remain intact.

This new initiative heralded a new era of transparency and provided citizens with a completely credible and tempered-proof documentation process. Every initiative under this process will be having a QR code using with the help of which anyone can download the document and then validate it without any external help.

Implementation of technology at such a large scale is not an easy process, and this is why Congress has decided to go ahead with the adoption of Avalanche’s technology. The selection of the Avalanche has been made only after a comprehensive and thorough review.

By adopting blockchain technology for legislation purposes, the Mexican State of Quintana Roo sets an example for others to follow. It is a wonderful initiative that will cater to citizens’ needs most safely and securely. The process is likely to become a role model for others, such as municipalities, entities, and business models. Especially in businesses where the data’s safety and security are of utmost prominence, the use of open ledger technology is very much appreciated and recommended. Avalanche has remained at the forefront of providing an open-source platform for the development of decentralized applications, and with this new association, it is going to take its blockchain development in the enterprise system to new heights.

David Cox

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